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John Fuller - Wellington Regional Manager

John Fuller - Wellington Regional Manager

John is a great people relator, never short of something to say. He loves interacting with kids and adults alike and is a great ambassador for Chess in Wellington.

Why you love Chess?

I am the Chess Power tournament manager in Wellington. I am not a particularly good chess player, although I have played the game recreationally for over 40 years. Chess is a unique game and it stimulates the mind in a way that possibly no other activity can. Chess has the advantage of not requiring a battery, or a plug to be able to play it.

What you love about the game?

I love the idea that Chess is a great leveler in my view, because anyone can become a champion regardless of size, strength, age or background.

Why you enjoy working with kids?

Watching children play chess and seeing them develop so quickly in the game is immensely satisfying. After every tournament I have a sense that I am helping (in a small way) to develop a future generation of players and that gives me a great deal of enjoyment. 

How you think Chess helps kids?

I am certainly convinced that participating in chess is of great benefit to both social and intellectual development to young people. Developing the ability to consider multiple scenarios, contemplate consequences and visualise outcomes, is not only good for chess players, but important in life in general. 

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