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Aniket Joshi - Chess Coach

Aniket Joshi - Chess Coach

What makes a good coach

I think the most important thing for a coach or teacher is to have patience, to be able to stay composed and make sure that the students stay encouraged and motivated.

My key strengths

Some of my strengths are that I’m great at interacting with people of all age groups, this means younger people and kids too, because of my experience in dealing with groups of kids and taking games and activities. Another thing would be my constant effort to better myself and improve myself in order to provide the best coaching I can for the kids.

Why I love chess

I’ve loved chess since the first time I learned/played it, about ten years ago. It is a game which I enjoy playing very very much, it allows me to think and use strategy and I love the competitive nature of it.

Why I enjoy working with kids

I really enjoy working with kids because I feel like kids have so much potential, they’re eager and enthusiastic.

My main Chess achievements

I have not played chess in any tournaments or anything like that. My main chess achievement would have to be when I was in year 9 and a group of my friends were talking about who was the best at chess, so we all played each other and I ended up beating everyone which felt pretty cool.

How chess helps kids

Chess really does help (from personal experience), especially with focus, it allows kids to use their brains, think of strategies, it helps with concentration and it is a positive activity they can take part in.

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