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Kevin Henderson

Kevin Henderson

What are your key strengths?

I think I am good at arranging ideas into logical and easy to follow chunks. I am able to alter the way in which I present ideas to accommodate differing levels of experience as well as different methods of learning. I can be engaging and conscious of people's moods and emotions, and try to take that into account.


Why do you love Chess?

I have always enjoyed seeing the complexity and beauty that can arise from chess. I find the premise of the game to be elegant and objective. The thrill of knowing that it's a pure battle of the wits makes it an extremely thrilling game to me.


When/how did you first learn to play?

I was taught how to play by my father at around seven years old. Since learning the rules I have been constantly challenging friends and family, either at home on a sunday or sneakily during class at school. 


Why do you enjoy working with kids?

Working with children is always refreshing. When around children I'm pushed to be more creative and empathetic. I am often intrigued by their unique problem solving skills and enthusiasm and find that there is rarely a dull moment.


What are your main Chess achievements? 

My greatest achievement is probably my personal growth and improvement in the game. 


How do you think Chess helps kids? 

Chess is an extremely analytical game. I believe that developing skill in chess almost directly develops analytical and critical thought, especially when you’re young. Chess teaches you sportsmanship, patience and respect. It helps you develop your ability to concentrate on a specific problem and come up with a specialised solution.

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