Scott Ramsay

Scott Ramsay

What do you think makes you a good coach? 
I’ve got patience, am encouraging and enjoy teaching.

What are your key strengths as a coach?
I’m a good listener, easy to talk to and get on with people.

Why do you love Chess?
I love chess because it is like a universal language, you could be on a plane in a foreign country and play against a complete stranger who doesn’t know you, doesn’t speak English but enjoys a good game of chess.

When did you first learn to play?
I worked it out for myself being an only child and then seeked guidance from my Father and friends.

Why do you enjoy working with kids?

Working with children reminds me how exciting school was and how like sponges our minds were then. Seeing kids listen, learn and improve gives me lots of satisfaction that perhaps I made a difference.

What are your main Chess achievements? 

I haven’t won any tournaments but I did teach my three sons how to play, and play well.  I also beat the inflight computer chess programme from time to time.

How do you think chess helps kids?
I believe Chess helps children think before they act, you can apply chess strategies to sports, debates, business and law.  Learning chess at a young age can expand the way children utilise their memory.


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