Jason Marchant

Jason Marchant
What do you think makes you a good coach?
My ability to teach chess strategies and tactics effectively and communicate well with my students.
What are your key strengths?
Strong analytical thinking, tactical awareness, and ability to teach complex concepts in a simplified manner.
Why do you love Chess?
Chess teaches you that every move you make matters, and that every move must be made with the intention of achieving the desired outcome.
When/how did you first learn to play?
I was taught when I was young by my father, and then through playing in school with friends.
Why do you enjoy working with kids?
I find joy in sharing my knowledge and passion for chess with kids, seeing them develop their critical thinking, concentration, and problem-solving skills, and witnessing their excitement and progress as they learn and grow through the game.
What are your main Chess achievements? 
I placed 3rd in an interschool tournament in year 6.
How do you think Chess helps kids? 
Chess helps kids develop critical thinking, problem-solving, concentration, and character-building qualities such as patience and sportsmanship. It also fosters creativity, strategic thinking, and healthy competition in an intellectually stimulating way.


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