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Moganraj Subramaniam - Chess Coach

Moganraj Subramaniam - Chess Coach

Moganraj has a positive, engaging personality. He is organised, well planned and proactive.

Why do you love Chess?

I like the game because it teaches decision making and taking risks. It also shares a story of how one kingdom can take over another with strategy and proper planning.

When/how did you first learn to play?

I lost a lot and slowly learned that chess usually works like a mission for a lot of its game play. Since then, I have played with friends and in between breaks to ensure that I maintain my skills.

Why do you enjoy working with kids?

Kids teach adults patience and help us to become better supervisors. Thus, i would like to develop my personality to interact with children as well as build a creative mind to become a better storyteller. This way I can present and sell myself as a professional in my career.

What are your main Chess achievements? 

During my school tenure, I managed to train 3 complete newbies in the game from scratch to basic players in primary school. At that stage, I never had the idea of coaching as I just needed friends to play with me. Plus, my friends and I whom played together went on to represent our school at a district level the following year.

How do you think Chess helps kids? 

Chess is a tool that helps kids to compete in a positive environment while utilising their mental skills in planning and risk taking. It keeps the mind sharp and teaches the psychology of an authoritarian structure.

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