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The NZ Chess Academy™ is a specialised chess training centre targeted at talented junior chess players rated between 300 and 1800 (usually aged 7-13). 

The NZ Chess Academy is now open for 2017 registrations on a first-come, first-served basis.

Two squads are available for players ranging from 600 through to 1200 rating points. Acceptance into a squad is based on the academy's opinion of an applicant's current ability, attitude and future potential.

STAGE 3 Squad: Tuesdays 5:30 - 7:00pm starting Tue 7 Feb 2017.

STAGE 1 Squad: Wednesdays 5:30 - 7:00pm starting Wed 8 Feb 2017.

A maximum of 12 players will be accepted into each squad. You can find out more information on the website www.nzchessacademy.nz. Email enrol@nzchessacademy.nz.

Chess Power is an exciting company that encourages children to play and enjoy Chess. We recognise learning and playing Chess has a number of benefits for kids. So what do we do?

 We Coach Kids
  • We run Free Chess Open Days at schools inspiring all kids within a school to learn, play and enjoy Chess
  • We deliver more personalised and focussed coaching through Private Coaching in Auckland
NZ Chess Academy™
 We Run Tournaments - lots of them!
Bughouse Chess Tournament
Chess Power Interschools™
  • We run the Chess Power Champions Trophy - an invitation-only annual event consisting of the most talented junior Chess players across New Zealand
Chess Power Champions Trophy™
  • We run the Sarapu Cup, a highly popular Auckland-based tournament held on the 2nd Sunday of every month designed for kids at all levels
Sarapu Cup™
Sarapu Cup Championship™
  • We run the NZCF Central Auckland zone and NZCF South Auckland zone interschool championships on behalf of NZ Chess Federation member clubs
  • We run the annual Auckland Catholic Interschools tournament held at St Paul's School in Massey
 We Do Weekend Chess across NZ
  • We run the Youth Chess League, a team-based weekly event held per season currently run in Auckland. The league will be run in all major centres in 2015. Think of the league like weekend sport - it just happens to be Chess!
    Visit www.youthchessleague.org.nz to learn more.

Youth Chess League™
 We Train Coaches and Teachers
APCC logo
 We Create, We Innovate
  • Zombie Chess™ - a very cool Chess variant that teaches kids to think ahead even better than normal Chess!
Zombie Chess Tournament™
  • Tower Chess™ - want to add a boost to your rooks - try Tower Chess­™! A great innovative Chess variant from Chess Power
Tower Chess™
  • Chess Champs™ Romantic Era, Cold War Era and the Modern Era - a fun card-game that helps kids find their Chess Heroes and learn about them
Chess Champs Cold War Era
  • Fun Chess Power Rating Wristbands colour-coded to a childs chess rating - kids get new coloured bands as their Chess rating improves
Rating Wristband™
  • Junior Chess Scorebooks - a colourful range of scorebooks designed just for kids to help them record their games. Recording games and reviewing their game afterwards is an essential skill in improving Chess
Chess Power Junior Chess Scorebook™ - Alfa Romeo
 We Sell Products that help kids learn
Chess Power Store™
 We Continuously Improve What We Do
  • We are expanding the Youth Chess League to main centres across New Zealand

  • We are developing Chess Ed, an annual Chess Conference to raise the skill of Chess in New Zealand

  • We are volunteering our time and resources to help kids in difficult learning conditions enjoy the game of Chess

  • We are offering a great discounted rates for schools that host our Regional Interschool events - contact us if your school would like to host
 And most of all, We Have FUN!!!

"Chess Power has done a great job promoting chess in schools around New Zealand. It takes a lot of drive & dedication to be able to achieve." Read more here

"Joseph Teofilo was awarded Wairarapa Maori male Junior Sportsman of the Year and the Peoples Choice trophy for his achievements in chess both regionally and nationally. Thanks for all you do Paul, you and your team do a fantastic job, and Joseph is certainly looking forward to the 2016 tournaments!" Read more here

"Chess Power provide a fantastic opportunity for school children to develop their chess skills and to take part in many exciting and well-run tournaments throughout the country." Read more here

Kid celebrating a Win

There are a great many benefits for kids to play chess such as improved focus and reasoning skills and also less obvious qualities such as dealing with loss and respecting your opponent. And of course, they have heaps of fun!!! Read more about how Chess benefits children here.

If you are a parent or teacher, we can come to your school and give every child in the school an introduction to Chess. What's more, we will do this for free and for no obligation!! Learn more about our Chess Open Day exclusive offer.

Kids can accelerate their learning of Chess through:

Our students learn quickly and because they work within a cooperative and competitive environment they are continually challenged. Get started straight away by trying to solve our daily Chess Puzzle!

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Youth Chess League™
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