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Chess Power Badge System™

The Chess Power Badge System™ recognises and rewards achievement in Chess. The badges are available in all Chess Power events and Chess Power coaching classes too. There are 36 badges in total.

Some badges are awarded immediately and others are awarded at the end of an event (or in the last session of a coaching class).

When you think you have earned a badge, just let one of our arbiters know. Our arbiter will check and award your new badge straight away. Please note badges earned at online events must be collected during an onsite event. We run onsite events across 30 regions. Refer to the tournament calendar for details.

The full set of badges are available at Chess Power Interschool cluster tournaments, Interschool regional tournaments and the Sarapu Cup.

Chess Power badges cannot be purchased - they are awarded by earning them.

Chess Power Badge System™

A subset of the badges are available at Chess Power coaching classes.

Chess Power Badge System™ for chess classes

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