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Coach Profiles

We have a number of great Accredited Professional Chess Coaches. Our Chess Coaches have been trained specifically to bring the best out of children with encouraging, supportive feedback in a fun and friendly environment.

We have coaches available throughout the Auckland area and we do make regular trips to the rest of the country several times each year running Chess Power Interschool Tournaments as well as group coaching programmes and Chess Open Days.

You can read more about how a coach can help you but referring to information on our Private Coaching for individuals or our Coaching Programme for groups.

  • Paul Macdonald - Head Coach and Coach Trainer
    I fell in love with Chess when I was 19. Ever since then I have been hooked. Someone once told me that if you have knowledge, it is your civic duty to share that knowledge with our children to serve the next generation. So that's what I do!
  • Bruce Pollard - Chess Coach and Arbiter
    Coaching helps me understand and organise what I know in a clear way as I explain important concepts in chess to children. It gives me a way to share my enjoyment and understanding of chess.
  • John Fuller - Wellington Regional Manager
    I love the idea that Chess is a great leveler in my view, because anyone can become a champion regardless of size, strength, age or background.
  • Akshay Sharma - Chess Coach
    Working with kids made me realize I could be responsible for so many other beyond myself, knowing that I can help them reach their full potential and make them feel happier about themselves.
  • Philip Hair - Chess Coach
    I think Chess helps kids to achieve a longer concentration span, and this counteracts the effect of technology (which reduces attention spans). The ability to concentrate and think clearly is important in educational achievement in any discipline.
  • Kiran Reddy - Chess Coach
    Kids learn faster than adults and they can focus on the game. Chess also helps them to focus on other activities as well. Chess helps kids to improve their concentration and it helps them to actively participate in other sports as well.
  • Christoph Thurner - Chess Coach
    Chess is a game of endless possibilities that does not need a language. If you come to a new city or country a Chess Club will always be a welcoming place, even if you know nobody there.
  • Scott Savidge
    I love that Chess transcends age, language and culture and teaches good sportsmanship and emotional resilience.
  • Philip Mukkattu
    Children are always eager to learn new things and ideas. I believe providing them with my knowledge in chess is providing someone happiness other than myself.
  • Jordan Chu - Mandarin Chess Coach
    I love Chess because it really pushes my little brain to run faster and it creates an intense feeling. Chess teaches kids to learn to use their brain before their hand - a lesson which will be of great benefit in their future.
  • Michael Sole - Chess Coach
    I feel that chess can increase the confidence of kids who would otherwise have little that they excel at and can give them a fair chance at success and recognition.
  • Alan Bean - Chess Coach
    Arriving in New Zealand recently from Wales, Alan's caring, fun and positive attitude brings the best out in kids wanting to learn.
  • Scott Butland - Chess Coach
    Chess is a game that no matter how much you learn there will always be more. It seems to be an endless storehouse of surprise, subtlety, nuance, individuality.
  • Roshan Gallage - Chess Coach and Arbiter
    I really like how kids enjoy themselves when they beat me in chess games. I use this opportunity to teach them to understand the game of life using the game of chess.
  • Steven Hartwell - Chess Coach and Arbiter
    Steven's gentle approach combined with his thoughtful insight gives kids a positive and encouraging introduction to the game of kings.
  • Miu Phillips
    As a school teacher and coach, I've seen Chess transform my students in the most amazing ways. Students develop resilience, self-confidence, patience, and a love for learning.
  • Moganraj Subramaniam
    I like the game because it teaches decision making and taking risks. It also shares a story of how one kingdom can take over another with good strategy and proper planning.
  • Pouya looks after the Sarapu Cup in Hamilton
  • Josh is our newest coach!
  • Victor Gambarini
    An experienced coach, Victor joins us all the way from Brazil.

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