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We have a number of great Accredited Professional Chess Coaches. Our Chess Coaches have been trained specifically to bring the best out of children with encouraging, supportive feedback in a fun and friendly environment.

We have coaches available throughout the Auckland area and we do make regular trips to the rest of the country several times each year running Chess Power Interschool Tournaments as well as group coaching programmes and Chess Open Days.

You can read more about how a coach can help you but referring to information on our Private Coaching for individuals or our Coaching Programme for groups.

  • Paul Macdonald
    I fell in love with Chess when I was 19. Ever since then I have been hooked. Someone once told me that if you have knowledge, it is your civic duty to share that knowledge with our children to serve the next generation. So that's what I do!
  • Christoph Thurner
    Chess is a game of endless possibilities that does not need a language. If you come to a new city or country a Chess Club will always be a welcoming place, even if you know nobody there.
  • Bruce Pollard
    Coaching helps me understand and organise what I know in a clear way as I explain important concepts in chess to children. It gives me a way to share my enjoyment and understanding of chess.
  • Philip Hair
    I think Chess helps kids to achieve a longer concentration span, and this counteracts the effect of technology (which reduces attention spans). The ability to concentrate and think clearly is important in educational achievement in any discipline.
  • Roshan Gallage
    I really like how kids enjoy themselves when they beat me in chess games. I use this opportunity to teach them to understand the game of life using the game of chess.
  • Michael Sole
    I feel that chess can increase the confidence of kids who would otherwise have little that they excel at and can give them a fair chance at success and recognition.
  • William Austin
    Being able to influence the direction that kids take in their life is an awesome privilege to have. Teaching valuable skills to kids sets them up for life and giving them a better start in life, and it’s a privilege that I’m glad to be able to do this.
  • Mitesh Bhatt
    Chess is the most complete game ever invented by mankind. It tests our ability to think, strategise, imagine and predict the outcome, on every single move. It also involves understanding complex patterns and making key decisions at the right time.
  • Kashyap Choudhary
    I’ve had success in many regional and National Chess Power tournaments. I was the school chess champion at Mt Roskill Grammar.
  • Ruhan Mistry
    Chess exercises a plethora of cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
  • IM Paulo Bersamina
    Based in the Phillipines, International Master Paulo Bersamina is one of our most powerful chess coaches.
  • NM John Batucan
    Playing chess can help children improve their ability to think logically and make strategic decisions. It can also help them develop concentration and focus, which can help them improve their ability to pay attention and remember information.
  • Troy Rowe
    "When you see a good move, look for a better one," This thought is ingrained in every chess players' mind and pushes them to not be impulsive, because if they do, they might miss out on a knockout move.
  • Kasun Weerasekera
    I find chess coaching as a way to give back to the community and Whānau.
  • Selena Hu
    Chess was a big part of my childhood and it really taught me the importance of critical-thinking and concentration, which are some of the most important skills in life.
  • Calvin Li
    Every chess player is in a class of his own. We have control of our own pieces and can influence others. Chess is life.
  • JM Anya Thurner - Chess Coach
    Their moment of realisation and their happiness at having solved the puzzle is an incredible feeling for coach and student alike.
  • WCM Christy Bernales - Chess Coach
    It is important to consider the student's strengths, weaknesses, opinions, and perceptions in order to gauge a starting point for moving forward.
  • Duncan McDonald
    I have had so much fun improving in chess I love giving other people that enjoyment of chess as well.
  • Noshan Peiris
    Chess helps students to improve their abstract reasoning skills by helping them learn to recognize patterns.
  • Rahil Patel
    You’re the only person who is responsible for winning, and you’re the only person responsible for losing. This teaches full accountability.

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