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September 2018
"The APCC training course comprehensively covers the benefits of chess and how to organise training sessions for people of all ages starting from children to adults. It gives a very good outline of how sessions should be conducted and what outcomes are to be expected from each session."

T. Pene
Teacher - Southern Institute of Technology

June 2018
"Great facility for the event - adequate car parking, easy access, large breakout area, catering for parents (yummy food a nice surprise for a first timer), program clear and well organised. Good number of schools and participants. Great web site for checking childrens results and rankings."

R. Guilford
Supporter - St Michael's Catholic School

"We arrived to a spectacular site with all the tables and boards set up. My students eyes lit up upon entering and were enthralled during the entire event. What made it even more exciting was logging onto Chess Power during the competitions and seeing up-to-date results (Our senior class back at school were also online and following our progress).
This was my school's first Chess Competition and it did not disappoint. I really appreciated the effort that went into organising this event.
  • Puzzles to keep students occupied between games 
  • Quick new draws kept excitement and interest going 
  • Bruce's personable nature and chess knowledge 
  • Professional certificates awarded at special prize-giving with photos 
  • Highly organised and professionally run 
  • Chess Powers' 'Tornelo' up-to-date online player and team ranking web page 
Thanks again for everything!"

M. Elliott
Teacher - Marotiri School

May 2018

"I wasn't sure how the tournament worked as this was the first time I have been involved, but I was impressed with the help I received via email prior to the event. The tournament was really well organised. The students were able to follow the clear instructions and be fully involved. They knew where to be when. There were enough helpers for the students and it was fantastic to have the results updated throughout the day. The students were delighted with their certificates and all of them had a positive experience regardless of how well they had done. Thank you"

C. Sprowson
Teacher - Opaki School

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