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Tower Chess™

Tower Chess™ is a chess variant designed by Chess Power.

Tower Chess is a lot of fun to play because it gives kids an even greater opportunity to be creative. Kids will also learn to think ahead because of the additional possibilities that aren't available in standard Chess. Because Tower Chess™ is a simple extension over normal Chess, kids can learn it in a few minutes! And what is better is Tower Chess uses a normal chess board and pieces - no extra equipment is required!

The rules for Tower Chess™ are the same as standard Chess but there is a cool new feature. Instead of making a normal chess move, you can choose to move one of your pieces on top of a Rook. This new piece becomes a Tower.

  • The new Tower piece is able to move twice! Like a rook and also like the piece you placed on top of your rook. For example, if you placed a bishop on your rook to make a bishop/rook tower, this new piece can move like a rook then a bishiop or like a bishop then a rook. ie. It moves twice with a move of each piece that makes up the tower.

Tower Chess™ Diagram 1

White has a new Bishop+Rook tower on the square a1

  • To make a tower, you must be able to legally move one of your pieces onto your rook using a normal move for that piece.

Tower Chess™ Diagram 2White's bishop on b2 can move to a1 to form the new Bishop+Rook tower. This counts as a move.

  • When you move a tower piece, if the first move you make is a check, that ends your turn. ie You cannot take kings. Also, two-piece towers have to move twice as long as it is possible.
  • Tower pieces can move twice, but if it is possible, you can also move your Tower onto another rook, making a MEGA Tower! The MEGA Tower piece combines all the pieces that make it up. A MEGA Tower can move three times so is very powerful!

    The most powerful piece in Tower Chess™ is a Queen+Rook+Rook MEGA Tower.

Tower Chess™ Diagram 3
White has a Bishop+Rook tower on a1 and decides to move it to f1, making a Bishop+Rook+Rook MEGA Tower!

  • One of the more interesting Towers, is a King+Rook Tower. The great thing about this tower is that if your King is under attack, you can run away like a Rook!
  • If you get a Pawn-Rook tower or Pawn-Rook-Rook MEGA tower to the end of the board, the pawn turns into any piece you wish. For example if you promoted to a Queen, you would end up with a Queen-Rook tower or Queen-Rook-Rook MEGA tower.
  • Here is a full list of possible normal towers you can make in tower Chess (in order of top to bottom piece)
    • Rook - Rook
    • Bishop - Rook
    • Knight - Rook
    • Queen - Rook
    • King - Rook
    • Pawn - Rook
  • There are lots more possibilities once you start building MEGA Towers!

If you aren't clear on any of the rules for Tower Chess™, feel free to email us at towerchess@chesspower.co.nz

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