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Where is our Chess Coach?

There are three challenges we have identified in why a school may struggle to have a chess coach:
  • Schools and parents cannot afford the costs involved
  • Teachers and/or parents may lack knowledge of how to coach chess
  • Quality coaches are simply not available in the schools' vicinity

Introducing the Chess Power Online Coach program

To address these challenges, we have launched a brand new service, the Chess Power Online Coach. Actually we should call it the Real Coach delivered Virtually but the name is too long!
Essentially the Online Coach program delivers a chess coach into your school via the internet. Don't worry - the coach is a real professional chess coach - no robots here and no pre-recordings either! All our coaches are police vetted too. The sessions are online, real-time and interactive - these are not pre-recorded sessions.

Teacher requirements

Students would need one teacher to support the coach in the sessions. The teachers role is to:
  • connect to the session and reconnect if there is a connection issue
  • check the role and gather missing students 
  • manage behaviours that prevent others' learning as needed
  • interact with the coach if a child is not able to
With the right support, multiple classrooms can join at a time. If you are a BYOD school, students can connect directly from their device and ask our coach questions directly during the sessions.
For more mature and adept students, a teacher may not be required and students can connect to the session directly through their BYOD device. Teachers can allocate a student leader to manage aspects of the class environment.


To run the Online Coach program at your school you will need:
  • A good internet connection
  • A projector
  • A laptop or similar device to connect to the projector
  • Some chess sets for the students to practice break-out exercises and tournament games

A breadth of experience and a world class program

Over the last 12 years we have developed a modern, comprehensive and progressive Chess Curriculum. We have tested and proven our program delivers results through our experience in running coaching clinics in many schools and also via the NZ Chess Academy. We have also gained a great deal of experience in the best methods for effectively engaging kids in Chess.

Teacher Training

When you join the service your teachers would have access to free training so they have the skills to facilitate the Online Coach program to effectively support the break-out exercises and tournament games for their students. It is important that students are supported in the break-out parts of the sessions. Teachers would also join the Online Coach support group so they can link up with other teachers across the country.

Multiple Classrooms

Because this service is online we can deliver the programs to multiple classrooms in any school across the country and in fact the world. This is great news if you have a whole lots of kids interested in Chess because we can teach them all at the same time.

Multiple Levels

Online Coach sessions will be available for different skill levels of students starting from the complete beginner right through to junior chess experts.

Multiple Time Slots

Online Coach sessions are available at days and times that suit your school so you can pick a schedule that meets the needs and availability of your students. 

Free Skills Assessment

Students can be as young as 5 years old up to the age of 18. What really matters is the students' interest and ability to focus. It is important that we deliver the level of coaching that is appropriate for the current skill level of your students. To determine this we provide a free skills assessment for each student to determine which level of coaching will best suit them. We also have clear guidelines for schools to determine what programs are most suitable for your students. 

Chess Power Chess Rating

After starting the Online Coach program, each of your students will get a Chess Power profile which keeps a record of every game and every tournament they have played. The profile will also have an official Chess Power national rating. The rating will indicate how strong they are at Chess.

Can't make a session?

Each individual session forms a component of the Chess Power curriculum. Should students miss a session, don't worry as they can watch the session post-broadcast or if they prefer watch a professionally-edited video on the current topic so they can always catch up so they don't miss a thing. They can even access the session from home.


This is the best part. The cost of the Chess Power Online Coach program is significantly less than the typical cost of a coach you would have in person. And what's more, your students will be accessing the best chess coaches in New Zealand with a tried and proven course content with built-in progression.
If you are interested in this program, please fill in the enquiry form below and we will be in touch with more information.

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