Girls and Chess

Providing Girls with additional support

There is definitely a stronger tendency for boys to play and enjoy Chess than girls. However, we have many many girls that play Chess and we have seen Chess show a resurgence in the female community. Girls are far more social which creates a positive and harmonious atmosphere.

One of the most important things you can do to help your daughter keep playing and enjoying Chess is to ensure she does not get isolated amongst a group of boys. Girls and far more social than boys and tend to feel most comfortable in supportive and positive company with other girls.

A girl is far more likely to stick with chess if she is with a group of other girls rather than on her own. For this reason, in our Coaching Programme we support girls more actively than boys as they need additional encouragement.

Girl playing chess

A recent interview with Judit Polar, the world's strongest female player, sums it up well...

Interviewer: There are many women that see you as an icon, a great example. You are proof that men and women are equal at chess, but what do you think could really change the career of a woman chess player? Which point should girls study more to become equal or even surpass men at chess?

Judit Polar - World Champion of Chess

Judit: First of all they should get the same opportunity as boys: to get a trainer, to learn to like the game, see it as something important for them, etc. and last, but not least, parents should believe in girls the same way as if they were boys. Because no matter how liberal the society where you live may be, women have to fight harder than men, unfortunately. They have to fight up to the point when they overcome this social barrier, but then, after they make it, they will really enjoy the success!

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All Girl Tournaments

Girls tend to react and respond differently in competitive environments and the way boys sometimes behave can at times be off-putting to girls.

For this reason, there are some great opportunities for girls to play in all-girl competitions.

For example, each year around the end of July there is an Auckland Girls Chess Championship which is a great forum for girls to compete with other girls. This competition is growing every year showing popularity of Chess amongst girls. Keep an eye out for it in our Upcoming Tournaments page.


Chess girl thinking hard

Girls Approach to Chess

Girls typically play Chess differently than boys. The most notable and curious difference is girls are a lot more aggressive! They don't take any prisoners and tend to vigorously attack their opponents king! So boys have to be very wary to avoid being wiped off the board.

Female Role Models

 Hou Yifan - multiple times Woman's World Champion In life it is important to have role models that you can look up to. This is important for kids and adults alike and is especially important for girls. There are great many super-strong female Chess players that girls can read about and be inspired by. We have added a Girl Power section to our Learning Centre to help girls identify with these role models.

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