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Instructive Games

Here you will find a rich collection of instructive games based on different themes.

Master-GM Short Mates
11,726 of the best Master-GM short checkmates, past & present. Games include wins (and losses, in some cases!) by players such as Alexander Alekhine, Geza Maroczy, Paul Keres, Viswanathan Anand, Edward Lasker, Pillsbury, Jose Raul Capablanca and many others. Use these games to understand how to successfully attack the king!

Middle Games

Chess Matches: From Lopez to Kramnik
611 Match Games from all the great players in History.

Middlegame Lessons
Beautiful collection of thematic games on chess strategy and styles

New York 1924
New York 1924 was an elite chess tournament held in the Alamac Hotel in New York City from March 6 to April 18, 1924. It was organized by the Manhattan Chess Club. The competitors included world champion José Raúl Capablanca and his predecessor Emanuel Lasker. Nine other top players from Europe and America were also invited. Emanuel Lasker met Alexander Alekhine, Efim Bogoljubow, Géza Maróczy, Richard Réti, Savielly Tartakower and Frederick Yates in Hamburg.