Helping your child improve

There are a number of support mechanisms that we recommend to further accelerate your childs learning and confidence in Chess.

Chess Coaching

Ensure your child is undertaking Chess Coaching at his or her school.

A Coaching Programme typically consists of a well organised Chess Curriculum. The Curriculum takes kids from not knowing anything about the game right through to advanced concepts.

Each lesson builds on the last to ensure continual learning. The Curriculum is organised in a way that ensures kids learning of Chess is fast and comfortable. We have found that within a single term, students are ready to compete in our Interschool Competition.

You can read more about the Chess Power Coaching programme.

And you can also learn about lobbying your school to undertake Chess Coaching.

Chess Coach

Post-Lesson Support

After each lesson students can come online to in their own time and access the Learning Centre. The Learning Centre contains a bunch of tools, but the key resource we offer is the Chess Development Plan. The Chess Development Plan outlines the steps necessary to take your child from a beginner to an expert.

The Learning Centre also has a number of other resources to help your child including a Daily Chess Puzzle, interactive Video Lessons, biographies and games of great Chess Players of the past, Instructive Games and a special section for girls of great Female Players from the past.

We also have a selection of links to wonderful websites that will also help your child learn.

School Chess Club

We encourage Schools to start a School Chess Club. The more chess the kids play the more confidence they gain and the more they enjoy the game. The School Chess Club can be run by responsible students and overseen by a teacher. The School Chess Club can be run at one or two lunch-times each week.

Your school would need to purchase some Chess Sets and Chess Clocks. Note that schools will receive discounts for any software or equipment purchases.

Kids playing Chess


Interschool Tournaments

A great way for kids to practise what they have learnt is through Interschool Tournaments. We run several tournaments every term and the tournaments are fun, encouraging and non-confrontational.

Chess Power Sarapu Cup Tournament and Public Tournaments

For stronger players, we encourage them to play in Sarapu Cup tournaments and NZCF (New Zealand Chess Federation) rated tournaments. The Sarapu Cup Tournaments are individual events open to all held in Auckland and Wellington on a Sunday afternoon. You can see a full list of the available Tournaments on our Upcoming Tournaments page.

Chess Power website

The Chess Power website provides a number of additional support services, such as a safe environment for kids to play chess online and talk about Chess and view Chess News from around the world.

Chess Books and Learning CDs

Kids can further educate themselves by purchasing Chess books and Chess Software.

It is also a great idea for their school to invest in Chess Software which kids can use at school on lunch breaks or when they are attending the School Chess Club. Note that schools will receive discounts for any software or equipment purchases.

Boy and Girl reading

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