Junior Master™

Chess Power Junior Master™ Title

Junior Master™ is a title awarded by Chess Power to players under the age of 18 who win a major national Chess Power event such as the Champions Trophy or Chess Power National Finals or achieve over 1850 rating points. The Junior Master™ title is difficult to achieve and quite prestigous. When a player achieves the Junior Master™ Title, they are awarded with a framed certificate recognising the title in a special ceremony.

From then on, the initials JM appears before their name in all Chess Power events and also online. The new Junior Master™ is also invited to special events such as simultaneous exhibitions, exclusive strong tournaments and also enters the Chess Power Hall of Fame™.

Junior Master Certificate sample


Chess Power events where the title can be earned are:

a) Chess Power Sarapu Cup Championships.

b) Chess Power National Interschool finals Junior Division.

c) Chess Power National Interschool finals Intermediate Division.

d) Chess Power National Interschool finals Senior Division.

e) Chess Power Champions Trophy

Players must be under the age of 18. Players must not hold a superseding title.

Use of the title

The title gives you the ability to use the initials JM before your name (in the same way that FIDE titles GM, IM and FM are used) at all Chess Power events. The Junior Master title is a permanent title.

Titles that supersede the Junior Master™ title

Title awarded by NZCF (New Zealand Chess Federation):

  • National Master (NM)

Titles awarded by FIDE (the world govening body of Chess):

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