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An Accredited Professional Chess Coach is a professional who has the skills and experience to support students in learning and enjoying Chess in a structured and highly positive way. APCC coaches have a support network of other coaches and meet on a regular basis to share knowledge and constantly improve.

APCC Knowledge & Skills

An APCC coach has the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Understands the benefits of Chess and why children enjoy the game
  • Understands how Chess in New Zealand is managed and run
  • Understands the skills required to play Chess well
  • Is familiar with all the rules of Chess and is familiar with Chess etiquette

APCC Coach in action

  • Understands how to plan, structure and effectively deliver Chess lessons
  • Has access to a wide array of topics and materials to ensure students learn at a level appropriate to their current understanding of the game
  • Has the knowledge and skills to run and manage chess tournaments including arbitration and adjudication skills
  • Has access to the right equipment to demonstrate Chess ideas and have students actively engaged
  • Has excellent communication skills and classroom management strategies
  • Knows how to structure sessions effectively
  • Understands the requirements to ensure students are safe
  • Is professional in all aspects of engagement around learning Chess

Becoming an APCC coach

Becoming an accredited professional chess coach involves:

  1. Attending a course consisting of theoretical and practical components
  2. Observing professional coaches in action
  3. Undertaking coaching whilst being mentored and supported by a professional coach

Getting Started

Chess Power provides the APCC coaching program through two courses.

The APCC Course for Teachers is a one-day course aim at continuing specialist Professional Development for Teachers that wish to actively support their students in Chess within a school or educational facility.

The APCC Course for Coaches is a two-day course designed for anybody that wishes to become a Chess Coach either on a part-time or full-time basis.

Both courses comprise both practical and theoretical aspects. The practical component involves students presenting sample lessons. Throughout the course students will be given ongoing feedback to help improve their presentation and class management skills.

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