Lobby Schools

If you are located in New Zealand it is likely we can run Chess Coaching sessions at your childs school. We recommend you fill out the enquiry form below and we will contact you with our recommendations on how you can best access a Chess Coaching programme.

Give Schools a Nudge in the right direction

Often schools need a nudge in the right direction and that nudge is best coming from parents like you!

We suggest you find a teacher at your school and tell them about how great it would be to have Chess taught at your school. Often maths teachers are great to lobby because they are immediately aware of the cognitive benefits of Chess in problem solving and improved spatial awareness.

Suggest to the teacher that they check out the Teachers Domain on the www.chesspower.co.nz website. Give them 2-3 days and follow up.

Let us know too using the enquiry form below and we can make a follow up call with an offer for a free Chess Open Day.

Before you know it, your childs school will be taking on Chess Coaching and your child will be loving every moment of Chess Class and their friends will be too!

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