Chess Variants

At Chess Power, we love Chess but we love something even more. Challenging kids minds. So we created some cool chess variants that challenge your mind in new and interesting ways. Check out our cool Chess variants below...

Zombie Chess


Like Zombies? Then you will love Zombie Chess™. Bring your pieces back to life as Zombies and even create a Zombie Apocolypse!

Tower Chess

Tower Chess


Getting a bit bored of normal Chess and want to give your rooks a lift? Well you can with our awesome new chess variant, Tower Chess™. You can even make Mega-towers!




Caïssa brings a more realistic battleground to Chess where the King is the strongest, soldiers can fight in any direction and you can destroy your opponents King!

Doppelgänger Chess™ is a whole new twist on Chess where you can create a double of pieces you have lost!

X-Chess™ turns your pieces into powerful super-heroes and the game into a fast-paced mega-battle!

Small World™

Small World™ is a super fast-paced version of regular chess - tiny and fun!

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