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Chess helps create well-rounded Kids

One of the comments we hear time and again from parents is how amazed they are at seeing their child move from strength to strength in Chess when they have struggled in many different areas and activities.

One recent comment from a "Chess parent" illustrates the point, "My son simply cannot concentrate on anything for more than 2 minutes. He is constantly moving from thing to thing. Well, that was until Chess came along. He can concentrate on Chess for over an hour at a time and still want more! I am amazed!!"

The point is, Chess benefits kids' behaviour in often unexpected ways, from anger management to comradery to dealing with loss. Read more about how Chess helps kids prepare for life.

Or watch a selection of videos from other parents about how Chess has helped their children in our Parents Up Front section.

There is lots to learn about how to start a journey with Chess. Download this free Parent Survival e-book from to learn more.

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Well rounded kids


Get Your Child Involved

The best way to get your Child into Chess is through our Chess Coaching programme. Read more about how to lobby your school to take up Chess Coaching.

There are a large number of support mechanisms that we recommend to further accelerate students learning and confidence many of them completely accessible.

You can also simply encourage your child to visit and access all of the resources on our site.


Girls and Chess

To have a girl interested in Chess is something quite special. It is true that more boys than girls play Chess, so girls tend to require additional support. Read more about how you can support your daughter in Chess in our Girls and Chess section.

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