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Chess Open Day


We are so passionate about the benefits of chess that we offer a chance for all students in your school to participate in a wonderful introduction to chess through our Chess Open Day*. We offer this through a one and a half hour session.

Our goal is to offer all children the chance to experience first-hand the benefits of chess and for teachers to see the wonderful outcomes chess has in store for their students.

Our Chess Open Day is engaging, interactive and a lot of fun!

During the Chess Open Day, all children will learn;

  • the history of Chess from it's early beginnings and how it has become what it is today
  • each of the characters in the game and their stories
  • how each character moves and the rules of the chess,
  • the most important things to consider in order to play well,
  • special strategies to help your students win their games.

We have taught Chess to over 10,000 kids at Chess Power Open Days!

Your students will also get a chance to put their new-found skills into practice by having the opportunity to play against each-other.

One of the great benefits of the Chess Open Day, is that some kids may not have played or appreciated Chess before. The Open Day gives all kids the awareness of Chess and brings new interest and fascination for kids already familiar with the game.

There is no obligation for any committment following the Chess Open Day. The Chess Open Day does provide good indications of how passionate your students are about Chess. If there is high interest in Chess from students, we can progress from the Open Day offering our in-school Coaching Programme to your school. We can also provide insights, tools and resources to help you set up a Chess Club at your school.

Venue & Equipment

A school hall is usually the best location for the Chess Open Day. If the school is ok with the kids sitting on the floor, no equipment is required. We will supply our presentation board for the lessons, and all the Chess sets for the kids to play.


Session Sizes and Structure

We have found groups of 50-70 kids work best but we can take up to 100 students in a session. Although kids from any age group can attend, our experience is Chess is absorbed most readily and of greatest interest for children aged from 7 through to 12 years of age (Years 3-8).


Session Timing

A Chess Open Day session is one and a half hours long. Let us know the most appropriate day and time for your school.

e.g. 9:00am - 10:30am, 10:45am - 12:15pm or 1:00pm - 2:30pm.


Chess Open Days are priced as follows:

One Session - $200
Two Sessions - $300
Three Sessions - $400


Book a Chess Open Day Now!

To book an Chess Open Day for your school, simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch.


Where to from here?

* The Free Chess Open Day is subject to availability and is available to schools in Auckland only.
* Offer is limited to one Free one and a half hour session per school.

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