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You can find out more about our Chess Coaching Programme here. Once you select your school at the top of the form additional information about the class will appear.

Payments for classes must be paid to Chess Power unless otherwise stated. Once you select the class, you can click the Book Now button to register and pay for the class. Payment is required before your childs' place is secured. Payments can be done via Credit Card or Bank Transfer.


Class information:

Joining after the class has started?

You can still join a class even if classes have already started. To work out the fee, just divide the term fee by the total number of sessions to get the individual session price, then subtract off the number of sessions you have missed. You can also do this if you cannot join for the whole term, for example, if you are travelling overseas.

e.g. If the term fee is $210 for 10 sessions, the session price is $210 divided by 10 = $21/session. If you can't make two sessions, you would subtract $21 x 2 = $42. So $210 - $42 = $168.

Choose bank transfer on checkout, pay the right amount and then email advising your child's school and name along with the number of sessions you have paid for and the date your child will join. We will then advise the allocated coach to expect your child.


Want structured, progressive chess training with home study?

Try the NZ Chess Academy. Visit for more details. 

In addition to our school coaching classes, we also have onsite coaching classes at the following EduExperts centres. Contact the centre closest to you to get details of class times.

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