Rating Wristbands

Chess Power rating wristbands are very cool and show everybody how awesome you are at chess!

When you first compete in Chess Power tournaments you are given a provisional Chess Power rating. Your rating is calculated using a mathematical formula based on your wins and losses against other players. Once you play 20 games your rating becomes established. As you improve your skills your rating increases. You can see how you progress on our Player Pathway.

After your initial purchased wristband, as you get stronger and your rating improves, we will issue you new rating wristbands completely free of charge. There are 17 different coloured wristbands in total. Each colour represents a different rating group. Assuming you move through all rating groups, each wristband effectively costs you less than 60 cents! You can purchase rating wristbands at any Chess Power tournament.

Check your rating now on our Ratings Search page!


You can get your first rating wristband for just $10

And you get FREE UPGRADES for all the other wristbands!!

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