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Kids Corner

Play Chess with other kids just like you from all over the world on the coolest kids Chess website!

Ask The Coach is a great way to learn more about Chess. Ask anything you like and our experienced coaches will answer.

Check out your profile - your rating, every tournament you have played and more! Just search for your name. 

Check out amazing Chess Records - the best, the highest, the largest, the longest, the youngest and lots more!

Want to see the path to getting strongest in Chess. Talk a look at our Player Pathway™

So who are the greatest Junior Chess players in New Zealand. They are here in our Junior Chess Hall of Fame™

Want to get extra rewards in your tournaments. Find out about all the Chess Power badges in the Chess Power Badge System™.

Want to be recognised for improving your rating. You can with Chess Power Rating Wristbands™.

Discover the greatest Chess players of all time - we call them Chess Giants! Learn why they became the best in the world.

Getting a bit bored of normal Chess and want to give your rooks a lift? Well you can with our awesome new chess variant, Tower Chess™. You can even make Mega-towers!

Like Zombies? Then you will love Zombie Chess. Bring your pieces back to life as Zombies and even create a Zombie Apocolypse!

Caïssa brings a more realistic battleground to Chess where the King is the strongest, soldiers can fight in any direction and you can destroy your opponents King!
Looking for some cool chess websites? Look no further as we bring you the best chess sites on the planet.