Eileen Brunton, Principal, Helensville Primary School

It is absolutely wonderful to read this report on how chess has so positively impacted our children last term.

It is wonderful to see them grow in stature each day.  It's especially great to see the growth in confidence for these children and what participating in the chess club is doing for them.

What a wonderful experience the whole chess club is proving to be for our children.  Thank you for all you have done to bring chess to Helensville Primary School!

And thank you for all you are doing to promote chess not just to our school but to so many children in the wider community.

Of course I am just buzzing that Helensville did so well but it is also lovely to read of the successes of all of the other schools.

These are outstanding results!   It is really heart-warming to read of the success of our students at a national level in such a short time.  The challenges the students faced, as we know, are really what life is all about at times.


Eileen Brunton,


Helensville Primary School

Eileen Brunton, Principal, Helensville Primary School

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