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MC Cup Feb 2011 Auckland Chess Tournament Results

MC Cup Feb 2011 Auckland Chess Tournament Results

All players played 7 games.

The score is based on the number of points a player gets. A win is counted as 1 point. A draw is half a point. And a loss is zero points.

Award Name Score
1st Place Overall & 1st Under 14
Michael McKenzie
6.0 from 7 (played harder opponents)
2nd Place Overall & 2nd Under 14
Kumaa Jayachanthiran
6.0 from 7
3rd Place Overall & 3rd Under 14
Liam Macdonald
5.0 from 7
4th Place Overall Callum Batley
5.0 from 7
Top Girl & 3rd Under 10 Amika Smith
3.0 from 7
1st Under 10
Euan McDougall
4.0 from 7
2nd Under 10
Thomas Clunie
4.0 from 7
Michael McKenzie, Kumaa Jayachanthiran, Liam Macdonald, Callum Batley
5 and 6 points
Credit Euan McDougall, Nathan McDougall, Thomas Clunie
4 and 4.5 points
Participation Amika Smith, Kurt Brown, Sylvia McDougall, Cody Blackburn, Dylan Copland, Trey Waldron


MC Cup Feb 2011 - Brain Power at WorkBrain Power at work!


MC Cup Feb 2011 - Top Girl Amika Smith
Top Girl & 3rd Under 10 - Amika Smith


MC Cup Feb 2011 - 2nd Girl Sylvia McDougall
2nd Girl - Sylvia McDougall


MC Cup Feb 2011 - Participation Awards
Participation Awards (from left, Paul Macdonald, Amika Smith, Sylvia McDougall, Kurt Brown, Cody Blackburn, Dylan Copland and Trey Waldron)


MC Cup Feb 2011 - Credit Awards
Credit Awards (from left Euan McDougall, Thomas Clunie and Nathan McDougall)

MC Cup Feb 2011 - Overall Winners
Overall Winners and Distinction Awards (from left Paul Macdonald, Kumaa Jayachanthiran - 2nd place, Michael McKenzie - 1st place,  Liam Macdonald - 3rd place and Callum Batley - 4th place)


MC Cup Feb 2011 - Overall Winners Under 10
Overall Winners Under 10 Division (Euan McDougall - 1st place, Thomas Clunie - 2nd place, Amika Smith - Top Girl and 3rd place)

Posted: Mon 14 Mar 2011


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