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Term 1 2011 Photo Gallery - Rodney Zone

  • General Photo 1
  • General Photo 2
  • Max Ainscow, Parakai Primary
  • Dylan Copland, Helensville Primary
  • General Photo 3
  • Ethan Jarrett, Parakai School
  • Raki Jayachanthiran, Helensville Primary
  • Melissa Moore, Helensville School
  • Martin Zhu (Needs confirmation), Milford Primary

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Original High Resolution photos are available on request using the enquiry form.

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Excellence Award winners (5 or 5.5 points from 7)

Excellence Award winners (5 or 5.5 points from 7)

From left, Michael McKenzie (Kaipara), Kumaa Jayachanthiran (Kaipara), Truman Smith (Kaipara), Rudy Uchil? (Hillsborough), Rainal Shandil (Mt. Roskill), Raymond Wong (Mt. Roskill),     Kashyap Choudhary (Mt. Roskill), Liam Ellis (Mt. Roskill), Marianne Birt (Helensville), Alex Holman (Kaipara), Alex Meng (Waimauku), Daniel Gong (Hillborough), Saxon Gough (Hillsborough), Gaurav Pahuja (Hillsborough), Jaxon Norris (Riverhead), Laurence Yu (Parakai), Crystal Zhu (Milford), Adrian Tuhura (Parakai), Max

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