Chess Power to run three divisions for next years Nationals

We felt that running a Junior division that effectively combined Primary and Intermediate schools into a single division was unfair to Primary Schools as they had no choice but to compete against older and stronger Intermediate School kids in the Chess Power National Finals.

The 2012 Chess Power Interschool National Finals will run three separate divisions, Primary, Intermediate and Secondary.

The main reason three separate divisions weren't adopted during 2011 was due to a general lack of representation of intermediate schools at many events. To work around this issue through 2012, if less than 3 intermediate schools are represented at a qualifying event, medals will not be awarded however the winning school in that division will still qualify for the National Finals. This approach will also be adopted if less than 3 secondary schools are represented at an event for the Secondary division.

The Interschools FAQ will be modified to reflect the new divisions in due course including clarifying how competing full schools will be handled.

Yours in Chess,

Paul Macdonald

Chess Power CEO

Posted: Thu 20 Oct 2011


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