MC Cup May 2012 Chess Tournament Results

MC Cup May 2012 Chess Tournament Results

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The 3rd MC Cup Qualifiers event for 2012 entertained 78 keen Chess enthusiasts ranging in age from 6 through to 17 years. This was a 20% increase in numbers over last months tournament.

There were 13 girls in the event (44% more girls than last month) and the girls continued to share the winners podium.

New Rookies Division proves successful

The key distinction for this event was the introduction of the Rookies division, designed specifically for Chess players fairly new to the game. The main reasoning for the new division is so that new players to the MC Cup have greater opportunities for success by playing against more players at their own level. You can read all about the new divisions on the Format section of the MC Cup FAQ.

Milford Bowling Club

The event moved to the North Shore with the Milford Bowling club becoming the venue of choice. Special thanks go to Trevor Duffy (club president) for contiuing to support the MC Cup and making sure everything was in place ready for the event. It is fair to say the venue coped ok with the numbers but if the tournament continues to grow it may struggle.

Increased Chess Power Staff

Keong Ang was the Chief Arbiter for the day. Keong introduced tournament result slips to the event ensuring tournament results were recorded correctly without any disputes.

Keong Ang - MC Cup Chief Arbiter
Keong Ang - MC Cup Chief Arbiter ironically with the Fire Hose closeby in case of tournament emergencies

Brandon Walker, an avid Chess Player from Parakai School worked the kitchen again supplying drinks and biscuits to famished kids.

Keith Plows acted as Assistant Arbiter and our new coach Roshan Gallage helped the kids with puzzles, the Knights tours and the Fastest Draw in the West™.

Paul Macdonald was the Presenter for the day.

Puzzle Solvers puzzled?

The puzzle competition moved up a step with Junior and Senior puzzles being run. Players in the Rookies division got to do the Junior Puzzles and players in the Open Division with the Senior puzzles. The problem was the Senior puzzles were exceptionally difficult so really put the puzzle solvers to the test. The fastest solvers win Chess Power dollars prizes.

This time only the 1st correct answer won a prize of 20CPDs. The winners were as follows:

Junior Puzzle 1:

  • David Yuan

Senior Puzzle 1:

  • Gareth Fairholme

Junior Puzzle 2:

  • Jazz O'Kane

Senior Puzzle 2:

  • Henry Wang

Junior Puzzle 3:

  • Unsolved

Senior Puzzle 3:

  • Alan Green

Fastest Draw in the West™

The Fastest Draw in the West was again speed-master Tony Wang who picked up 50CPDs.

Biggest Upset

The biggest upset in the Rookies Division has been awarded to Ryan Stewart from Northcote for beating Elijah Wong in the 2nd Round. Ryan has been awarded 20 Chess Power dollars for the win.

The biggest upset in the Open Division goes to Brandon Walker for winning against Christian Umanzor rated 285 points above him. Brandon has shown that he can multi-task serving biscuits and playing good chess at the same time. Brandon has been awarded 50 Chess Power dollars for his efforts.

Master Challenge™

Paul ran the Master Challenge™ again offering 200CPDs to anybody that could beat him. The games were harder this time and Paul finally cracked under pressure with Kumaa Jayachanthiran finally being rewarded for his persistance picking up the 200CPD prize. Kumaa has been trying to beat Paul in the Master Challenge™ for over a year now.

Winner of the Master Challenge - Kumaa Jayachanthiran
Winner of the Master Challenge - Kumaa Jayachanthiran

For the record, Kumaa used his Chess Power Dollars to get a book on tactics - another Master Challenge™ attempt in the offing? hmmm.

Knights Tour™ and Expert Knights Tour™ Challenges

The Knights Tour for Rookies proved to be an attractive visual treat with 63 queens on the board - you don't see that every day! We also introduced an Expect Knights tour (with a bit of fine-tuning) for the Open Division players.

A number of Rookies solved the Knight Tours including a keen Open division player all the way from Germany!

Bridie McCann reading out the Knights Tour winner
And the winner is ... Adrian Widdermann. Hang on. Is he in the Rookies Division?
Hmmm And the winner is Dimithri Gallage!

Winner of the Knights Tour
Winner of the Knights Tour

The winner of the Expert Knights Tour proved that persistance will always win the day trying no less than four times to get his winning score of 2 Queens remaining in the 2nd quadrant. Congratulations to James Lamberton who picked up 50CPDs for his awesome efforts!

Winner of the Expert Knights tour, James Lamberton
Winner of the Expert Knights tour, James Lamberton

Spot Prizes for Merit Award Winners

The winners of the spot prizes for Rookies division players are: 1st 50CPDs Antoni Antunovich, 2nd 20CPDs Aiken Shadbolt, 3rd 20CPDs Dimitri Gallage.

The winners of the spot prizes for Open division players are: 1st 50CPDs Jedidiah Kueh, 2nd 20CPDs Tony Wang, 3rd 20CPDs Nathan McDougall.

Winners will be emailed details for claiming their prizes.

Participants awaiting prizes
Participants awaiting prizes

Merit Award winners
Merit Award winners

Credit Award Winners
Credit Award Winners 3.5 points (Daniel Gong Open Division, Ahmed Farid Rookies Division, Matthew Horning Rookies Division)

Excellence Award winners
Excellence Award winners 4 points

Distinction Award Winners
Distinction Award Winners 4.5-5 points (Biyuan Chen, David Yuan and Victor Wen)

Age Group Prize Winners
Rookies Division Winners
From Left (1st Overall - Victor Wen 5.0/5, Best Girl - Svethlana Gallage 4.0/5, Under 12 - Hamish Dunn 4.0/5, Under 10 - Sam Tingey 4.0/5, Under 8 - David Yuan 5.0/5)

Open Division Winners
Open Division Winners
From Left (Best Girl - Joy Shu Yan Qin 4.0/5, Over 14 - Adrian Widdermann 4.0/5, Under 14 - Nathan McDougall 4.0/5, Under 12 - Alan Green 4.0/5, Under 8 - Nicole Shu Yu Qin 4.0/5, Under 10 - Daniel Gong 3.5/5, 1st Overall - Biyuan Chen 4.5/5)

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Posted: Sun 10 Jun 2012


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