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MC Cup November 2012 Tournament Results

MC Cup November 2012 Tournament Results

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The 9th MC Cup Qualifiers event for 2012 was all about having fun as we led into Christmas. 65 keen Chess enthusiast joined us for the fun!

There were an amazing 16 girls that participated in the event with 7 of the 19 participants in the Kings Division being girls and the girls showed who's boss too!

Chess Power Arbiters

Paul Macdonald was the Chief Arbiter for the Pawn and Rooks Divisions'.

Bruce Pollard were was the Chief Arbiter for the Kings Division.

Roshan Gallage was assistant arbiter for the Pawn and Rooks Division.

Gramma Macdonald kindly helped in the kitchen for the day serving chocolate fish, Christmas Treats, bikkies, raro, tea and coffee. We all got into the XMAS spirit and had loads of fun!

9th MC Cup 2012 - XMAS Fun!


Jack Sun won 50 Chess Power Dollars for completing the Fastest Cowboy in the West™.

Nathan McDougall won 50 Chess Power Dollars for finishing the Knights Tour Challenge™ in the fastest time.

And Sophia Khan won the Hungry Knight challenge only 3 off the correct number of 141.

Special Prize Winners - MC Cup November 2012
Jack Sun (Fastest Cowboy in the West™ winner), Nathan McDougall (Knights Tour™ winner) and Sophia Khan (Hungry Knight Challenge winner™)

Biggest Upset

The biggest upsets were as follows:

Pawns division - Wesley Ngo for winning against Jak Sione in the last round. Wesley wins 20 Chess Power dollars

Rooks division - Shaun Hui for beating Taylor Jones in the 1st round. Shaun wins 20 Chess Power dollars

Kings division - Samuel Chinthapalli for winning against James Yang in the 5th round. This was a great win! Samuel wins 50 Chess Power dollars

Spot Prizes for Merit Award Winners

The winners of the spot prizes were as follows:

Pawns division - Sam McNeill wins 20 CPDs

Rooks division - Syrrone Kariyawasam wins 50 CPDs

Kings division - Alex Fu wins 100 CPDs

All winners will be emailed details for claiming their prizes.

Lolli Scramble Fun

The kids really enjoyed the Lolli Scramble - check it out!

9th MC Cup 2012 - Lolli Scramble fun

9th MC Cup 2012 - Lolli Scramble fun

9th MC Cup 2012 - Lolli Scramble fun

Age Group Winners

Photos of the Age Group Winners and names are below. For additional photos visit our Facebook page.

9th MC Cup Winners - Pawns Division
Pawns Division Winners

From left: Lewis Gordon (Under 12), John Salvador (Under 14), Alan Han (Under 6), Wesley Ngo (Under 8), Salan De Silva (Under 10), Malindi Welaratne (Overall Division Winner & Best Girl)

9th MC Cup Winners - Rooks Division
Rooks Division Winners
From left: Alfonsus Carlos (Overall Division Winner), Daniel Salazar (Under 14), Richard Lu (Under 12), Nathaniel Yan (Under 10), Julian Mo (Under 8), Michelle Guan (Best Girl)

9th MC Cup 2012 Winners - Kings Division
Kings Division Winners
From left: Jack Sun (Under 10), Caroline Yan (Overall MC Cup Champion & Best Girl), Zhuosi Xie (Under 14), Sarah Yan (Under 12)
Not Present: Nicole Qin (Under 8), Joy Qin (Over 14)

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Posted: Fri 30 Nov 2012


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