Christoph Thurner

Christoph Thurner

Originally from Germany, Christoph brings a wealth of knowledge and skill in Chess. His stories and how he communicates thoroughly engages kids and encourages them to learn more. Along with this, Christoph's energy is without bounds.

Why do you love Chess?

Chess is a game of endless possibilities that does not need a language. If you come to a new city or country a Chess Club will always be a welcoming place, even if you know nobody there.

Why do you enjoy working with kids?

You can teach kids something that will accompany them for their whole life, if they want it so. As with all teaching, seeing them get it is rewarding.

What are your main Chess achievements?

As a player the 5th place in the NZ Blitz Champs in 2008. As a coach taking a Junior team to two German Championships and taking my daughter to the World Cadet Championships in 2017.

How you think Chess helps kids?

Chess teaches kids to plan ahead and the consequences of not doing so properly. Chess improves their ability to focus on the task (position) ahead.

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