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Chess Power Tournaments

Chess Power tournaments

  • Each year, we literally run hundreds of Chess tournaments for kids. In Auckland we run cluster tournaments to find qualifiers for our regional events.
  • We run regional tournaments across all major towns in New Zealand twice each year. Over 1000 students participate each term!
  • Winners of our regional events qualify for the Chess Power Teams Nationals.
  • We also run the Chess Power Champions Trophy - an invitation-only annual event consisting of the most talented junior Chess players across New Zealand

Champions Trophy 2018 winners

  • We run the Sarapu Cup in Central Auckland, North Shore Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua, Wellington, Timaru and Christchurch with more locations to come! The Sarapu Cup is a highly popular tournament held on every month designed for kids at all levels
  • We run the Sarapu Cup Championships in Rotorua, Wellington and Central Auckland. The Sarapu Cup Championships are a super-powered version of the standard Sarapu Cup where we celebrate the year gone with Christmas cheer.

Sarapu Cup medal winner - Bentley Kang

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