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ChessKid.com Adding a secondary guardian

You will only need to follow the instructions below if your child is not a member of the Chess Power club.

For security reasons, Chess Power is not able to add your child to the Chess Power club directly because of ChessKid.com security protocols. These protocols exists to protect children. So to join you to the Chess Power club, Chess Power would need to be a secondary guardian (effectively a Chess coach) for your child. You would still remain as the Primary guardian of your child.

We have been advised to take this approach directly by Mike Klein from ChessKid.com. Note that Chess Power is an affiliate of ChessKid.com and we are actively supported by ChessKid.com.

To give access to another Guardian:
Step 1 Log in to your ChessKid.com parent account (Note: If you don't have a parent account, ask your child to login, click Settings and then add your email address into the Guardian field. You will then get an email to create an account and can then follow the instructions below)
Step 2 From your Parent Home screen, click My Kids
Step 3 Click the Menu next to your child, and click Edit Kid.
Step 4 Click Edit Guardianship on the right
Step 5 Enter my email address paul@chesspower.co.nz
Step 6 Make sure the Action is Add Guardian
Step 7 Then click Save

You should see ChessPowerPaul will appear as an Additional Guardian as per the screenshot below.

ChessKid.com Edited Guardianship

Your child's account will then appear under the Chess Power account automatically and we will be able to add you to the Chess Power club.

Note that you will still remain the primary guardian of your child's account. And you can remove Chess Power at any time at your discretion.

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