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Junior Online Oceania Chess League (JOOC)

Saturday's From: Saturday 25 April 2020 - Saturday 6 June 2020
06:00 PM - 07:00 PM

Haven't heard of it? Don't worry, it is brand new. The JOOC League (pronounced Juice) is open to all juniors in Oceania. Your child plays one game a week against a child from another city. That other child could be from another city in New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea or in one of the pacific islands! 

Your child represents their city in the league. If your child' city wins the whole league, they become the League Champions! And if your child is one of top four players in their city team they go into the JOOC League Hall of Fame!

Here is the run-down for the JOOC League season 1:

  • The JOOC league is open to all juniors (under 18) that reside anywhere in Oceania. 
  • The JOOC league is open to players of all levels
  • All players play 7 games
  • All games are online administered by a professional tournament arbiter
  • In New Zealand, all games are on Saturdays starting at 6pm
  • You play one game each week
  • The time control is 25 minutes + 10 seconds/move
  • The first season of the league runs each week until 6 June.
  • The fee to join is AUD$20 per player for the whole season
  • You form a team with the other players in your city within specific age gorups. The age groups are Under 18, Under 16, Under 14, Under 12, Under 10 and Under 8. If you are really strong for your age, you can play in a higher age group but you cannot play below your age group. Age goes by the year of birth, not by the date or month.

Read more on the JOOC League website

To join Season 1 of the league, 

Step 1: Decide what city you would like to represent

Step 2: Register online through Tornelo

Step 3: Email your team captain confirming your registration. Your team captain will check your registration and put you in the right city team. The current team captains are below.

Rotorua Team Captain

Miu Philips

Tauranga Team Captain

Richard Totton

All other cities Team Captain

Paul Macdonald

To find out more about becoming a Team Manager, connect through our private Facebook group or email.

Who will win the JOOC League Season 1?

Check out the selection of JOOC League MASCOTS and TEAM NAMES

Each city captain should choose one Mascot/Team. To request a mascot, email

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