Central Auckland Sarapu Cup

Sunday 7 May 2023
01:00 PM - 05:30 PM

A fun, social Chess Tournament open to all players ages 4 to 18. Held on the FIRST or SECOND SUNDAY of each month from 1pm - 5:30pm.



Entry Fees

$40 per entry if prepaid

$50 per entry if paid on the day (LATE ENTRY)

Payment Options

You can pay prior to the event by

  • PayPal (all credit cards),
  • Bank Transfer

Payment Options are available to you after you register. You can also pay on the day - cash only however the fee will be $50.


Pawns, Knights, Bishops and Rooks Divisions - Four 6 round Swiss tournaments with a time control of 15 minutes for each player. Each game lasts 30 minutes maximum.

Kings Division - 7 round all-play-all Round Robin tournament. 15 minutes  + 5 seconds/move per player.

All divisions will be Tornelo-rated. You can check your child's Tornelo rating on our ratings search page.

All divisions will also be NZCF-rated subject to a minimum of 25% of the players already having an NZCF-rating. In practice typically the Bishops, Rooks and Kings division are NZCF-rated. You can check if your child has an NZCF-rating on the New Zealand Chess ratings page.


Pawns Division

The Pawns Division is for players who are new to Chess and are still taking their first steps. We recommend players that have a Chess Power Rating of less than 400 points. You can only enter this division if you have played in five or less Sarapu Cup's. If this is your first Chess tournament we recommend you play in the Pawns division even if you have been playing Chess for some time. Your rating can be checked in our tournament management system - Tornelo.

Knights Division

The Knights Division is for players who have gained some confidence in Chess, perhaps played in a few tournaments but aren't established players yet. We recommend this division for players with a Chess Power Rating of between 400 and 550 points. If you have played in more than five Sarapu Cup's you have to play in this division or higher.

Bishops Division

The Bishops Division is for players who have played a number of tournaments and are confident players. We recommend this division for players with a Chess Power Rating of between 550 and 700 points.

Rooks Division

The Rooks Division is designed for established players that are highly confident and have experience. We recommend the Rooks division for players with a Chess Power Rating of 700 - 900 points. You can enter the Rooks Division on request, even if your rating is below 700 points, however be prepared for some very tough games! Note: If you are one of the highest rated players in the Rooks division you may be bumped up to the Kings division.

Kings Division

The Kings Division is reserved for only the best players in Auckland. The Kings division is an all-play-all special division of just 8 players. It is a 7-round round-robin event. We pick who plays in the Kings Division by taking the top 8 players registered for this event. Typically each player will have a Chess Power Rating in excess of 900 points. We have designed this division specifically to ensure every single game is challenging. There are no weak players here.

If you are new to the Sarapu Cup check out our Sarapu Cup FAQ for all the rules and regulations. Learn about why this event is called the Sarapu Cup in the History section of the Sarapu Cup FAQ.


Players’ meeting and tournament starts 1.15 p.m. Please ensure you arrive by 12:40pm at the latest for player check-in.
All players must pre-register
Players who attend the event and do not pre-register will not have their place secured and will not be able to play in the 1st round.

Player Check-In: from 12:30pm

Start Time: 1:15pm

Prize Giving Start Time: 5:00pm

Finish Time: 5:30pm


  • Certificates for every player in all divisions
  • 1st overall in each division wins a trophy to take home and keep. First in each Age Group within each division wins a special medal to take home and keep
  • 1st in the Kings Divison wins a special trophy to take home and keep. 2nd and 3rd places in the Kings Division wins a special medal to take home and keep. There are no age group prizes in the Kings division.
  • Rooks divison winner + Rooks division age group winners + Kings division 1st, 2nd & 3rd gain entry into the Premier Division of the Sarapu Cup Championship tournament at the end of the year
  • The top 3 players in the Kings Division qualify to compete in the Chess Power Champions Trophy 2023
The Sarapu Cup is open to all players between 4 and 18. No adults are allowed to play.

Puzzle and Challenge Prizes awarded at Prize Giving

Biggest Upset

Prizes for the biggest upset in each division. e.g. A low-rated player beating a high-rated player. The Biggest Upset prize is wholly at the descretion of the Organiser.

Fastest Draw in the West™

Players set up the pieces correctly as quickly as possible - from the bag to the board. All pieces must be on the correct squares including the Queens. At least two spectators need to be present to validate the time test. The player with the fastest time on the day wins the Fastest Draw badge.

Knights Tour Challenge™

Players use a single white knight to eat all the Black Pawns. The knight is only allowed to move to a square occupied by a Pawn. The player to have the least number of Black Queens remaining wins the challenge and picks up a Knights Tour badge for their efforts.

Biggest Gainer™

A special award for the player who gains the most rating points for the whole tournament. Note this is only for players with established ratings.

Power Play

Beat the #1 seeded player in your division.

Can't make the 1pm start time?

If you have a busy Sunday morning, we do have the option to start late. If you come in late you will receive a half-point bye for the first two rounds. Please advise us if you intend to take up this option via the comments box when you register online.
Emergency Contact
Paul Macdonald

021 0271 5577

Chess City Products

Chess City logo
On the day of the event, a number of products (Chess Sets, Books and Clocks) are available at special discounted prices for purchase from the Chess City Store. We accept Cash only on the day or we can take your order and ship the products to you at a later date.

General Enquiries

Any general enquiries about this tournament can be sent to Paul Macdonald at paul@chesspower.co.nz or phone 021 0271 5577.

Venue: Eden Rugby Football Club Auckland

Gribblehurst Park, 225 Sandringham Road, Kingsland, Auckland 1025

Eden Rugby Football Club Auckland

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