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Accredited Professional Chess Coach

We hold two types of APCC Courses:

The APCC Course for Coaches is a two-day course designed for anybody that wishes to become a Chess Coach either on a part-time or full-time basis.

The APCC Course for Teachers is a one-day course aim at continuing specialist Professional Development for Teachers that wish to actively support their students in Chess within a school or educational facility.

Courses are scheduled according to demand (and can be presented any day of the week).  Online courses require a minimum of 4 people and in-person courses require a minimum of 6.  Should you be interested in attending a course, send us an email to request one!

Here are some comments from some of our course participants:

"Paul's mastery of the digital medium, sharing of multiple screens seamlessly is exemplary. It takes coordination and presence of mind and to do that over such an extended time period was great to experience. Enjoyable, lots of learning take place and I was astounded by the depth and breadth of resources available."

D. de Villiers, 14/09/2021

"I am so happy about this programme. I feel I learnt a lot. Thank you very much. Great effort, well done!"

R. Gallage, 18/12/2011

"The APCC course exceeded my expectations with the quality of training and resources provided to be a professional chess coach. The training sessions conducted were very interactive and educative. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to be a chess coach. Enjoy chess as well as share knowledge and make a difference in the community."
E. Lourenco 10/11/2019

"The course was very detailed and easy to understand. Even a person with little teaching experience can follow instructions and practice coaching. This course is a great start if you want to become a chess coach."
C. Hoang, 4/02/2020

"Content was great, lots of interaction. I felt the feedback on lessons we presented was valuable. Overall it was outstanding professional development."
J. Tobin, 4/02/2020

"Paul is very knowledgeable about the game and coaching, and his infectious passion is apparent in all that he does. The course itself has been very beneficial and has given me all the insight and tools that I need to start running top notch chess lessons. To sum up my experience; I am now empowered to be an effective chess coach, and to be an ambassador for chess."
C. van Tonder, 4/02/2020

"The course was awesome. It was very detailed and took you step-by-step on how to be an effective coach. I liked how Paul was willing to go through anything we didn't understand. I loved the structure of the class. I would have preferred the two-day course only because I really enjoyed my time in the course and wanted to keep learning about coaching chess. The course has given me the confidence to coach chess at my kura and I look forward to inspiring more young people, especially Pasifika, into chess. A big shout out and mihi to Paul for all your help."
T. Tepaki, 17/03/2020

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