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Rotorua Sarapu Cup Championship Qualifiers 2018

The following players have qualified to enter the Championships Division in the Rotorua Sarapu Cup Championships for 2018. The list includes players that have qualified by:

  • Coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Rotorua Sarapu Cup Rooks Division or
  • Reaching Magic Number 15™ points at the Rotorua Sarapu Cup throughout the year.

We highly recommend these players to enter the Championship Divison of the Rotorua Sarapu Cup Championships - they have earned their place!

Note: You can view the full lists of Sarapu Cup Rotorua qualifiers and Magic Number qualifiers along with scores at the bottom of this page.

Amaia Phillips
Avish Nair
Daniela Slack
Dante Reihana
Finn Liley
Foua Tuielu
Isaiah Reihana
Jarahn Pirika
Joseph Carter
Jude Pendergrast
Kaylin Wessels
Mathieu Coulombe
Matthias Henare-Wynyard
Max Slack
McKenzie Swinburne
Peter Wilson-Hill
Phoenix Winiata-Hill
Richard Wessels
Riley Moulin
Samuel Rush
Shai Dyson
Toby Truong

Sarapu Cup Qualifiers

The following players qualified by competing in a Wellington Sarapu Cup in 2018 and:

  • Coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Wellington Sarapu Cup Rooks Division
Dante Reihana
Finn Liley
Foua Tuielu
Isaiah Reihana
Jarahn Pirika
Joseph Carter
Jude Pendergrast
McKenzie Swinburne
Phoenix Winiata-Hill
Samuel Rush
Shai Dyson

Magic Number Qualifiers

The following is a full list of all players that competed in the Wellington Sarapu Cup for 2018 along with the total number of points they earned. Players that reached 15 points or more are highlighted green and qualifed for the Championship Division of the Wellington Sarapu Cup Championship 2018. Note that there are other ways to qualify - see lists above.

Alyana Ruhi 2.5
Amaia Phillips 15
Avish Nair 16
Azariah Nicholas-Manley 5
Benjamin Wood 7
Bruce McGregor 5.5
Cassis Sosaia 3
Charles Meurisse 9.5
Cooper Moulin 5.5
Daniela Slack 25.5
Dante Reihana 30
Dilan Moore 3.5
Dylan Wessels 0
Finley English 9
Finn Liley 27.5
Foua Tuielu 5.5
Freedom Tawera 7.5
Hinemoa Lerome-Mills 1
Isaiah Reihana 33
Jack Rickard 1.5
James McGregor 8.5
Jarahn Pirika 21.5
Jared Paalvast 4.5
Joseph Carter 20
Kalea Baumfield 3
Kaylin Wessels 19
Keanan Dyson 4.5
Keenan Dyson 5
Leo English 7
Louis-Emile Coulombe 5
Lucan Marino 6.5
Luke Cunningham 1.5
Luke Henare-Wynyard 5
Mathieu Coulombe 23.5
Matthias Henare-Wynyard 17.5
Mavis Pilato-Niuafe 13.5
Max Slack 20.5
McKenzie Swinburne 21.5
Minka Crouch 7.5
Naomi Crouch 4.5
Parker Moulin 7
Peter Wilson-Hill 17
Phoenix Winiata-Hill 35
Rajanyaa Roy 1.5
Richard Wessels 23.5
Riley Moulin 29
Ryder Peleti 0.5
Samuel Rush 3
Sebastian Weaver 8
Shai Dyson 16.5
Shannon Wilson-Hill 8
Summer Botes 2.5
Tahu-o-Te-Rangi Monk 0
Taine Dyson 10
Te Oriwa Wilson-Hill 5
Toby Truong 17
Xavian Sosaia 7

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