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  • All tournament participants must register using the form below.
  • If you do not pre-register you will not be guaranteed a place in the event.
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Note: Players must be aged under 18 years before 1 January 2023

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Note: To play in more than one NZCF rated tournament in each calendar year, a player MUST be a member of
an NZCF Affiliated or Associated Club. 

If you don't belong to a club, you can join the Waitakere Chess Club. Arrive 30 minutes early and we will sign you up.
Or you can join the Lone Wolf Chess Club and apply using this form.


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Note: Non-NZL players must have their FIDE ID issued by their Chess Federation. 

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Any general enquiries about this tournament can be sent to or phone 0800 4 CHESS (0800 424 377).

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