We Create, We Innovate

We created Zombie Chess™ - a very cool Chess variant that teaches kids to think ahead even better than normal Chess + they get to play with Zombies!

We have created other chess variants too such as Tower Chess and Caïssa

Step-by-Step Chess Learning System

We are publishers. Our first publication is the Step-by-Step Chess learning system. The system provides full support to parents, teachers and coaches to guide kids in learning Chess - it is fun, interactive and progressive.

We are the creators of Chess Champs™ - a fun card-game that helps kids find their Chess Heroes and learn about them. So far we have published Romantic Era, Cold War Era, the Modern Era  and the Millenium Era. Learn more at chesschamps.info.

We created the Chess Power badge system to recognise kids achievements in chess and also rewards positive leadership behaviours and values.

We also created fun Chess Power Rating Wristbands colour-coded to a childs chess rating - kids get new coloured bands as their Chess rating improves.

And we designed Junior Chess Scorebooks - a colourful range of scorebooks designed just for kids to help them record their games. Recording games and reviewing their game afterwards is an essential skill in improving Chess.

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