Auckland Sarapu Cup Championship 2020 Qualifiers

The following is the list of qualifiers for the Premier division of the Auckland Sarapu Cup Championships 2020. It should be noted that anybody can play in other divisions of the Auckland Sarapu Cup Championship. Only the Premier division has restricted entry. Many of the players below qualified through multiple methods. Only one of their qualification paths is listed. 

To qualify for the Premier Division you must have competed in at least one event this year and:

  • Came 1st or won an Age Group prize in the Central Auckland Rooks Division and scored 3 points or more or
  • Came 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Rooks division at a regional Sarapu Cup (Auckland Central, Auckland North Shore, Rotorua, Wellington, Timaru or Christchurch) and scored 3 points or more or
  • Competed in the Central Auckland Kings Division and came in the top 3 places with 3 points or greater
  • Competed in the Kings Division of the Online Sarapu Cup and came in the top 3 places with 3 points or greater
  • Completed in any Queens Cup and came in the top 3 places in the top division with 3 points or greater
  • Attained 15 or more points across all of the Central Auckland, North Shore Sarapu Cup and Online Sarapu Cup events you competed in during the year. Note: There is a division multiplier when calculating Magic #15 points as follows: 
    • Pawns = 1 x
    • Knights = 1.25 x
    • Bishops = 1.5 x
    • Rooks = 1.75 x
    • Kings = 2 x
Name Reason
Adele Zhou Magic #15 (17 points)
Aidan Malcolm 1st in rooks division
Aidan Zhang U10 winner rooks division
Aleksey Koulanov 1st in rooks division
Alex Fulton Magic #15 (42 points)
Alex Shan Magic #15 (15 points)
Alex Wang (Xinyang) U10 winner rooks division
Alexandra Shan 1st in rooks division
Alexandre de Maupeou d'Ableiges 3rd in Online Kings division
Alina Chen Magic #15 (22 points)
Andrew Coutts Magic #15 (24 points)
Anish Pal Magic #15 (27 points)
Annie Ye Magic #15 (24 points)
Anthony Hu Magic #15 (19 points)
Anthony Kutovoy Magic #15 (47 points)
Anthony Wang Magic #15 (15 points)
Anya Gupta 3rd in Queens Cup
Aoi Morioka 3rd in rooks division
Arnav Singh Magic #15 (50 points)
Arseniy Koulanov Magic #15 (16 points)
Artem Anikonov 3rd in Online Kings division
Artem Kutovoy Magic #15 (48 points)
Ayaan Vasudeva 2nd in kings division
Balthasar Moeller Magic #15 (16 points)
Bentley Kang Magic #15 (19 points)
Brendan Fleming 2nd in rooks division
Bryan Kang U10 winner rooks division
Chenchen Wang U12 winner rooks division
Christopher Davis 1st in rooks division
Clemente López 2nd in rooks division
Corey Tremblay Magic #15 (25 points)
Daniel Shen 1st in rooks division
Daniel Zhang Magic #15 (24 points)
Declan Prentice Magic #15 (19 points)
Delia Chen Magic #15 (38 points)
Drew Bancroft Magic #15 (23 points)
Dusan Stojanovic 3rd in rooks division
Edward MacCulloch Magic #15 (45 points)
Eric Mironov 3rd in Online Kings division
Ernesto Pfeiffer Magic #15 (34 points)
Gavin Chen Magic #15 (21 points)
Grishma Kichavadi 1st in Queens Cup
Harold MacCulloch 1st in rooks division
Hayden Steele Magic #15 (15 points)
Haydn Kemp U14 winner rooks division
Ian MacKechnie U10 winner rooks division
Ira Crampton Magic #15 (26 points)
Isaac Adam Magic #15 (15 points)
Jaden Ludher-Chandra 1st in rooks division
James McGregor 3rd in rooks division
Jarvis Xiang 3rd in rooks division
JM Kaeden Govender 2nd in rooks division
Josh Little 3rd in rooks division
Justin Feng Magic #15 (15 points)
Justin Jin Magic #15 (22 points)
Karthik Sethuramalingam 1st in rooks division
Kavin Kumar 2nd in rooks division
Kaylin Wessels Magic #15 (39 points)
Kiran Singh Magic #15 (41 points)
Koki Hara Magic #15 (19 points)
Kyan Zhang Magic #15 (19 points)
Lachlan Crawford 3rd in rooks division
Lauren Crawford 2nd in Queens Cup
Leo Peacock Magic #15 (19 points)
Leonidas Te Pairi 2nd in rooks division
Lewis Carroll 1st in rooks division
Liam Alcock Magic #15 (24 points)
Lincoln Chapman 2nd in rooks division
Lisa Shi (St Cuthberts) 3rd in Queens Cup
Lithesh Uday Magic #15 (60 points)
Lize vd Walt Magic #15 (21 points)
Logan McDonald 2nd in rooks division
Lucas Boyu Zhang 1st in rooks division
Lucas Qu Magic #15 (24 points)
Lucy Taylor 3rd in Queens Cup
Luis Redondo Magic #15 (25 points)
Luna López Magic #15 (16 points)
Matthew Kim 3rd in rooks division
Maxwell Xiao U12 winner rooks division
Michael de Lore 1st in rooks division
Mindi Gallage Magic #15 (16 points)
Mingyan Yang Magic #15 (53 points)
Miro Haefliger 2nd in rooks division
Modi Yang 1st in Online Kings division
Natalie Chen Magic #15 (26 points)
Nathan Sun 3rd in Online Kings division
Nick Rea 2nd in rooks division
Nico McKinlay 3rd in kings division
Nina Guo Magic #15 (26 points)
Nrusingha Rath 1st in rooks division
Nyla Fulo 1st in Queens Cup
Olivia Ward 3rd in Queens Cup
Oscar Cui Magic #15 (25 points)
Pamiru Gallage 1st in rooks division
Paranapa Poaru Magic #15 (19 points)
Payton Wright 2nd in Queens Cup
Philip Brand 1st in rooks division
Prakul Kumar Pushparajan 3rd in rooks division
Prathibha Bandara 3rd in Queens Cup
Richard Wessels Magic #15 (56 points)
Rohit Mudaliar 1st in Online Kings division
Ryan Field 3rd in rooks division
Ryan Hwang 2nd in rooks division
Sai Somaraju Magic #15 (20 points)
Scott Nel 2nd in rooks division
Sean Wang 2nd in rooks division
Seth Tau 3rd in rooks division
Shayan Samarawickrama 2nd in rooks division
Shihiran Samarawickrama 1st in rooks division
Sophia Feng 2nd in rooks division
Sourav Dhungel 1st in kings division
Sravya Moparthi 2nd in rooks division
Stanley Lin 3rd in Online Kings division
Stephan Wolfaard 3rd in rooks division
Tarun Mudaliar Magic #15 (40 points)
Tejasvi Kichavadi 2nd in Online Kings division
Thanulya Perera Magic #15 (15 points)
Theo Hill Magic #15 (23 points)
Thomas Crawford Magic #15 (49 points)
Tiger Zhong U12 winner rooks division
Tj Lee 2nd in rooks division
Tong Tong Wang Magic #15 (18 points)
Tyleah Po'e-Tofaeono 3rd in kings division
Vonara Pathiranage 2nd in Queens Cup
Whitimai Witoko-Clair 2nd in rooks division
Will Cameron 2nd in rooks division
William Stanley Magic #15 (35 points)
Winston Leonard Magic #15 (19 points)
Xabi Jenkyn-Jones Magic #15 (27 points)
Yuyang Ren 3rd in rooks division

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