Auckland Sarapu Cup Championships 2020

Sunday 6 December 2020
09:00 AM - 05:30 PM
Sarapu Cup Championships


A competitive Chess Tournament just for kids ages 4 to 18. Includes Pawns, Knights and Rooks Divisions for players that haven't qualified. Lots of great prizes! The trophies are bigger and better than normal Sarapu Cup events.


9 round Swiss tournament with a time control of 15 minutes. Multiple Divisions.



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Sarapu Cup Kings Division icon

Premier Division

The Premier Division for players who qualified in one of the Sarapu Cup events during the year or reached Magic Number 15. 

To qualify for the Premier Division you must have competed in at least one event this year and:

  • Came 1st or won an Age Group prize in the Central Auckland Rooks Division and scored 3 points or more or
  • Came 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Rooks division at a regional Sarapu Cup (Auckland Central, Auckland North Shore, Rotorua, Wellington, Timaru or Christchurch) and scored 3 points or more or
  • Competed in the Central Auckland Kings Division and came in the top 3 places with 3 points or greater
  • Competed in the Kings Division of the Online Sarapu Cup and came in the top 3 places with 3 points or greater
  • Completed in any Queens Cup and came in the top 3 places in the top division with 3 points or greater
  • Attained 15 or more points across all of the Central Auckland, North Shore Sarapu Cup and Online Sarapu Cup events you competed in during the year


NOTE: If you haven't qualified for the Premier Division, you can still play in the Open Divisions below.

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Sarapu Cup Pawns Division icon

Pawns Division

The Pawns Division is for players who are new to Chess and are still taking their first steps. We recommend players that have a Chess Power Rating of less than 500 points. You can only enter this division if you have played in five or less Sarapu Cup's. If this is your first Chess tournament we recommend you play in the Pawns division even if you have been playing Chess for some time. Your rating can be checked on our Ratings Search page.

Sarapu Cup Knights Division icon

Knights Division

The Knights Division is for players who have gained some confidence in Chess, perhaps played in a few tournaments but aren't established players yet. We recommend this division for players with a Chess Power Rating of between 500 and 700 points. If you have played in more than five Sarapu Cup's you have to play in this division or higher.

Sarapu Cup Rooks Division icon

Rooks Division

The Rooks Division is designed for established players that are highly confident and have experience. We recommend the Rooks division for players with a Chess Power Rating of 700 - 900 points. You can enter the Rooks Division on request, even if your rating is below 700 points, however be prepared for some very tough games! If you wish to enter the Rooks Division, please add your request in the Additional Comments box on the registration page.



Check-in: 8:30am - 9:00am

Opening announcements: 9:00am - 9:30am

Prize-giving: 5:00pm

Tournament closes: 5:30pm



  • Certificates for every player
  • The winner of the Premier Division has their name engraved on the Sarapu Cup Championship Trophy and attains the Chess Power Junior Master title™.
  • 1st in each division wins a Sarapu Cup trophy to take home
  • 2nd and 3rd win a championship medal to take home



The Sarapu Cup Championships is open to all players between 4 and 18. No adults are allowed to play.

Entry into the Premier Division is for players who qualified in one of the Sarapu Cup events during the year. Entry into the Pawns, Knights and Rooks divisions are unrestricted and is open to all players subject to their rating.


All games will be rated using the Chess Power ratings system with double-rating points compared to other Sarapu Cup events.


Entry Fees

$67.50 if paying for the next event one month in advance (EARLY BIRD 10% discount)

$75 per child 18 and Under

$90 if paid on the day

There are no early bird discounts available for this event.

Emergency Contact

Paul Macdonald
021 0271 5577


Entry Instructions

Spaces are limited so it is important that you register for this event. Use the booking form at the top of this page to secure your place. 


Any general enquiries about this tournament can be sent to Paul Macdonald at or phone 021 0271 5577.

Venue: Auckland Bridge Club

Auckland Bridge Club
273 Remuera Rd

Ph: +64 9 5245562
Fax: +64 9 5245576


Auckland Bridge Club

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