How to Enter

How to Enter

Entries can be submitted using our online entry system, Tornelo.  Select the event in which you wish to compete from our Upcoming Events Calendar and click on the ENTER NOW link.  For help registering your team, see the registering your team tutorial page. Schools may play in any one, or multiple, zones. You are not restricted by location, however if you are playing in an out of zone event, your entries are limited to 8 players in total.

For each tournament, you can see a map of the location, game times and emergency contacts . If there are any special instructions they will be displayed on this page.

If you are struggling to enter players using the Tornelo website, click on the Interschools Entry Form link at the bottom of the Tournament Summary page to send us your list of players.

It is recommended that if you are intending to participate in a tournament that you enter your players at least 3 working days before the tournament as some venues have maximum capacities. A number of schools are disappointed each year when events they intended to participate in reach their maximum capacity.

If you do not register your team prior to the event a decision will be made on the day if you can participate. In the best case, your team will be able to start until round 2.

Removing Names and Changing Team Size

Please ensure that you remove players or let us know about any players who will not be attending. This courtesy enables other schools to access these places. We reserve the right to invoice schools for places reserved but not used.

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