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Regional Zones

The entry fee is $15 (inc GST) per player, per event. The entry fee for host schools is $5 (inc GST) per player.

A special entry fee of $5 (inc GST) per player is also available for Decile 1 or Decile 2 schools.
We also have a special entry fee of $10 (inc GST) per player for Decile 3 or Decile 4 schools.

The "Rookies" division is $5 (inc GST per player). The host school can enter players into the "Rookies" division at no charge. Note that the Rookies division is only open to junior players (years 1-6) that are completely new to chess and have never played in a chess tournament before. The "Rookies" division is not eligible for qualification to Nationals.

There are no further discounts for host schools, multiple teams or ‘mates rates’.

All schools will be sent a tax-invoice reflecting the number of players who actually attend the event. This will be sent on the day of the event.

We reserve the right to invoice schools for places reserved but not used if we need to turn other teams away due to capacity limits.

DO NOT bring cash on the day of the event unless you wish to purchase items from the Chess Power Store. If you must pay for your entry with cash, please make arrangements with the organisers prior to the event.

National Finals

The entry fee for the National Finals is $200 per team. Travel is at the participants own expense.

All events are run by, and fees payable to, Chess Power Ltd, P.O. Box 37931, Parnell, Auckland 1151.

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