Players should plan to arrive at the venue at 12:40pm in anticipation of a 1:15pm start to the first game.

Some events can have modified times. Please check the Tournament Summary information for details of the particular tournament you are interested in.

If you are going to be running late you can get 1/2 point byes for the first two rounds!



The “Swiss Format” ensures that all students will play against players of a similar standard; we expect both beginners and experts to enjoy a fun, learning and social experience.

All players play at least 5 games, regardless if they win or lose and most players will play 6 games.

If a player wins a game, they score 1.0 point. In the subsequent game they play against a harder opponent. If a player draws a game, they score 0.5 points. In the subsequent game they play against a similar opponent. If a player loses a game, they score 0.0 points. In the subsequent game they play against an easier opponent.

Each game will be timed, with a maximum of 15 minutes per player, per game (see Player Rules).



There are multiple divisions at Sarapu Cup events - Pawns, Knights, Rooks & a Kings division. Players cannot compete against players in other divisions. They are effectively run as seperate tournaments.

The Pawns Division is for players who are new to Chess and are still taking their first steps. The Kings Division is designed for established players that are confident and have experience.

Pawns Division Entry Criteria

To enter the Pawns Division you must meet all of the following criteria.

1. Your Chess Power rating is less than 600 points - ratings can be checked using our Ratings Search

2. You do not have an NZCF rating (If you don't know what an NZCF rating is then you probably don't have one. NZCF Ratings can be checked at on the left hand margin)

3. You do not play for an NZCF Affiliated Chess Club (school clubs are not NZCF Chess Clubs)

4. You have less than one years' experience playing Chess

If you quality for the Pawns division you can still play in other divisions - just be prepared for very hard games and possible disappointment.

When you register for the Sarapu Cup, please comment on which division you will be entering.

Finding Tournaments

Select the event in which you wish to compete from our Upcoming Tournaments section of our website.

For each tournament, you can see a map of the location, game times and emergency contacts . If there are any special instructions they will be displayed on this page.

All registrations are taken online by clicking the Register Now! link.

It is essential that if you are intending to participate that you do register before the event. The venue typically has a limit on the number of participants and entrants are disappointed each year when events they intended to participate in reach their maximum capacity.

When you register please check that the email address you use is correct.

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