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There are typically five age group categories in Sarapu Cup Tournaments, however some age groups may not be allocated or have additional age groups allocated depending on the numbers and age group of players.

  • Under 8
  • Under 10
  • Under 12
  • Under 14
  • Over 14

For onsite Sarapu Cups, the 1st player overall receives a Sarapu Cup trophy they can take home to keep. Players who finish in the top place within each age group are recognised with a medal. For online Sarapu Cups, we will ship trophies and medals to the winners. 

In the event two or more players scores are tied, the following tie-break systems will be used in this order to determine the winner:

  1. Buchholz Cut 1
  2. Buchholz
  3. Sonneborn-Berger
  4. Cumulative system - Sum of Progressive Scores
  5. Direct encounter
  6. The greater number of wins including forfeits
  7. The greater number of wins with Black pieces 

Sometimes we use a round-robin format for a division where all players will play each-other. We often do this when there are 8 players in a division.
In the event two or more players scores are tied in a round-robin event, the following tie-break systems will be used in this order to determine a winner:

  1. The greater number of wins
  2. Sonneborn-Berger (the sum of the scores of the opponents a player has defeated and half the scores of the players with whom he has drawn).
  3. Koya System (the number of points achieved against all opponents who have achieved 50 % or more)
  4. The greater number of wins with Black (unplayed games shall be counted as played with White)

Here is a helpful article explaining the various tie-break systems above. All Chess Power events run in a swiss format or round robin use the above tie-break methods to determine a winner.

If a player scores 5 or more points, they are also promoted to the next higher division in the Sarapu Cup immediately following. Players who win an age group prize in the Rooks Division or play in the Kings Division also qualify for entry into the Championship Divison of the Sarapu Cup Championship.

Note that the 1st player overall does not also win the age group prize. For example, if Player A is in the Under 12 age group and wins overall, then the 2nd placed Under 12 player wins the Age Group division prize.


Each player receives a certificate based on their results.

  • Merit Certificate for less than or equal to 3pts
  • Credit Certificate for 3.5 & 4pts
  • Excellence Certificate for 4.5 & 5pts
  • Distinction Certificate for 5.5 & 6pts

Sarapu Cup Championship Qualifiers

The top player for each Age Group, the 1st player overall and the 1st Girl overall in the Rooks Division of each Sarapu Cup event qualifies for entry into the Championship Division of the Sarapu Cup Championship.

In the case of a tie for first place, a tie break rule will be applied based on who has played stronger opponents. All players who play in the Kings Division automatically qualify for the Championship Division of the Sarapu Cup Championship.

2nd Chance with Magic Number 15

If you get 15 points across all the Sarapu Cup Qualifiers you enter you can also qualify for the Sarapu Cup Finals Championship Division. The Sarapu Cup Finals also has other divisions so you can still participate if you miss out on the Championship Division.

Biggest Upset

Prizes are awarded to the player that delivers the biggest upset for the tournament. Typically this is where a lower rated player beats a very highly rated player. The Biggest Upset prize is wholly at the descretion of the Organiser.

Spot Prizes for beginners

Four lucky kids win spot prizes following the event. The Spot Prizes are drawn at random amongst players who received a Merit Award. Spot Prizes range from 5 Chess Power dollars to 20 Chess Power dollars!

Sarapu Cup Championship

The winner in the Championship Division of the Sarapu Cup Championship is crowned the Sarapu Cup Champion, has their name engraved on the Sarapu Cup, wins a smaller version of the Sarapu Cup and is also awarded the title of Chess Power Junior Master™.

The winner of the other Sarapu Cup Championship divisions are crowned as the Sarapu Cup Champion for their division and win a smaller version of the Sarapu Championships cup.

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