Sarapu Cup Championship

The Sarapu Cup Championships consists of the Kings Championship Division and various Open Divisions. The Open Divisions do not have any restrictions on entry and depending on numbers will consist of a Pawns Division, Knights Division and Rooks Division.

Kings Championship Division

The Kings Championship Division for players who qualified in one of the Sarapu Cup events during the year or reached Magic Number 15.

To qualify for the Kings Championship Division you must have competed in at least one Sarapu Cup event during that year and:

  • Won an Age Group or Best Girl prize in the Rooks Division and scored 3 points or more or
  • Won the Rooks Division outright or
  • Competed in the Kings Division and achieved 3 points or greater or 
  • Competed ih the Kings Division and came in the top 3 places or
  • Attained 15 or more points across all of the Sarapu Cup events you competed in during that year

NOTE: If you haven't qualified for the Kings Championship Division, you can still play in the Open Divisions.

The winner of the Kings Champion Division of the Sarapu Cup Championship is crowned as Sarapu Cup Champion, has their name engraved on the Sarapu Cup, wins a smaller version of the Sarapu Cup and is awarded the title of Chess Power Junior Master™.

The winner of the Open Divisions of the Sarapu Cup Championship are crowned as an Sarapu Cup Division Champion and wins a trophy for their division.

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