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Roshan Gallage

Roshan Gallage

Roshan has been involved with Chess Power since the very first Sarapu Cup over 8 years ago. Since then Roshan has actively supported the Sarapu Cup with his son progressing through the event from Pawns, Knights, Bishops, Rooks and Kings divisions. More recently, Roshan has been in the key support team for the Sarapu Cup North Shore.

Why do you love Chess?

Chess is part of my life. I am really passionate about chess. I have played and taught chess for more than 3 decades now teaching more than 1000 kids. I can't imagine my future without this.

Why do you enjoy working with kids?

I am a Dad of two kids yet I love all kids. In my classes my priority first and foremost is to have fun. When I see kids progress with my teaching, I am so impressed. I really like how kids enjoy themselves when they beat me in chess games. I use this opportunity to teach them to understand the game of life using the game of chess. 

What are your main Chess achievements?

I have won 1st place twice in National school games in Sri Lanka. I became the most outstanding chess player in 1996 (see how old I am) and I was unbeaten for the whole year. I have won so many tournaments. My team achieved 6th place in the Grand Asian chess challenge held in Malaysia, in 2001. 

How you think Chess helps kids?

Chess helps kids to improve their mathematics skills, analytical skills and look at problems logically as well as laterally. One great example: I had 7 members in the school chess team, 4 of them became engineers, 2 of them are doctors and the other is a quantity surveyor.

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