Online Champions Trophy 2022 Welcome Letter


On behalf of the team at Chess Power I want to wish you a very warm welcome to the Chess Power Online Champions Trophy 2022 Chess Championship

The Champions Trophy is the ultimate individual battle to find the best junior chess players in New Zealand. It is extremely challenging. Every player in this event has had to qualify by achieving one or more outstanding results through the year. This year and in the future there will be two Champions Trophy events, onsite and online. This welcome letter is for the online event. 

Use the links below to access the online Champions Trophy event and other events in the Chess Power Nationals program. 

Onsite Teams Nationals Finals 2022

Online Teams National Finals 2022

Onsite Champions Trophy 2022

Champions Trophy 2019 Female Champions

Thank you for supporting our tamariki and giving them the opportunity to enjoy a truly memorable and unique experience. We really appreciate your support. 

I am delighted to say we have 583 players registered for our National program of events. For the online Champions Trophy we have 87 players registered. We are excited and can't wait for the best individual online junior event in New Zealand to start and see the ultimate battle begin!

I wanted to give you some pointers about the day to help ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible for you.

The date of the event is this Sunday 23 October 2022.

This event and prize-giving is being held online. If you are interested in the onsite event, refer to the onsite Champions Trophy welcome letter.


There will be two main technologies you will be using. 

1. Zoom for video, voice and chat.
2. Tornelo for checking in, playing your games, viewing others' games and viewing the standings


We recommend you check your technology is working correctly in the days leading up to the event. Here are some steps to check everything is working.

1. Click the Zoom link and download any required software

2. Once Zoom has started, click the small arrow next to the Mute button. In the popup menu, press Test Speaker & Microphone.

3. Check to make sure you can hear and your microphone is working


We will be running a Zoom session on the Friday prior to Nationals so you can check everything is working correctly and you can learn the online interfaces you will be using during Nationals.

Friday 21 October 7:00pm - 8:00pm 

Connect to Zoom

Connect to Tornelo

From 7am on the morning of the event, you will be able to check-in to the tournament lobby. We recommend you aim to connect to Zoom no later that 8:00am to enjoy a stress-free arrival.

To check-in, go to the website

Watch this video to learn how to check-in and play your games.
Sign in, and then click the I'm Here checkbox.

To connect to the audio/video feed for the event, click the Open Zoom Room button in Tornelo. 
Alternatively, you can use the following link
You do not require a login for Zoom and should join as an attendee.

If you are going to be late, please text us on 021 0271 5577 with the event you are late for (onsite or online), school name, player names that will be late and expected time of arrival. We will give a half point bye for players that miss round 1 as long as you text ahead of time. Byes will not be available for later rounds.


Each player will play 9 rounds of chess. The time control is 15 minutes per player. There is no bonus time.
8.30am Guests connecting online
9.30am Opening Announcements
10.00am Start Round 1
10.35am Start Round 2
11.20am Start Round 3
11.55am Start Round 4
12.30pm Start Round 5
1.30pm Start Round 6
2.05pm Start Round 7
2.50pm Start Round 8
3.25pm Start Round 9
4.15pm Fun Activity!
4.30pm Prize Giving
5.30pm Tournament Close and Farewell

We have put together a guide of what to expect at the Online Champions Trophy and the rules that will govern the event. There is detailed information on how to use Tornelo and Zoom and how the event will work. It is very important that you read this so you will be prepared for the event properly.

We want to stress the importance of Fair Play. Essentially this means that you cannot gain assistance during your games in any way. You can read more about how we protect players in the guide.

Results of games for all divisions will be recorded live and are available on the website You can also use this link to see the other players that will be participating in your division.
As this is an individual event, school uniforms are not required. We recommend you dress smart casual in something that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Trophies and Junior Master titles

The top player in each division will be crowned the Chess Power Champions Trophy Champion for their division and be given a trophy they can take home to keep. They will also receive the Junior Master title, a framed certificate and enter the Chess Power Hall of Fame.

The top female player in each division will receive the Best Female Champions Trophy to take home and keep and become the female champion for their division.

If two players get the same number of points, a tie-break is used based on the individual players performance to determine the overall winner.


The top players in the following age groups (below the overall division winner) will receive a special Champions Trophy age group medal.

Junior Division

  • 7 and under

  • 9 and under

  • 11 and under

Intermediate Division

  • 11 and under

  • 12 and under

  • 13 and under

Senior Division

  • 14 and under

  • 16 and under

  • 18 and under

Each player will receive a certificate based on their individual score. There are four levels of certificates:
  • Merit 4 points or below
  • Credit 4.5 or 5 points
  • Excellence 5.5 or 6 points
  • Distinction 6.5 points or more
All trophies and medals will be couriered to the winners after the event. Certificates will be emailed to the winners.

Special Awards
The Chess Power badge system will also be running throughout the event so you can earn and collect badges. Badges won can be collected at any local Sarapu Cup event.
In addition, prizes will be awarded for the biggest upsets and the biggest rating gainers.
Brain challenges will also be available and some challenges can earn badges and rewards. We will also be featuring a special chess composition challenge.
A good selection of chess products will be available for purchase at a 10% discount until midnight 23 October including chess setsclocks, and cool stuff! Just order online at, enter the code "NATIONALS2022" and we will courier your products to you. You can pay via Credit Card or bank transfer.
I personally wish you and your team the very best of success in the online Chess Power Champions Trophy. I am confident your team will thoroughly enjoy the day and have a memorable and rewarding life experience.

Yours in Chess,

Paul Macdonald - Signature

Paul Macdonald
Chess Power

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