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Onsite Team Nationals 2023 Welcome letter


On behalf of the team at Chess Power I want to wish you a very warm welcome to the Chess Power Onsite Teams National Finals 2023 Chess Championship

This year has been in many ways a year of recovery. COVID is still lurking but life, for many, has returned to some sense of normality. We are hopeful the coming years move from recovery to growth for business, people and our tamariki. 

Interest in Chess has continued to grow in New Zealand, with more teachers and parents understanding how valuable this game is for growing kids minds. Nationals is the realisation of a dream for many kids and we will do our best to make it something they will treasure and remember and we know you will too.

We recognise times are still very tough for many. For this reason we decided to continue our National program of events in an online format, in addition to our traditional onsite formats.

Teams Nationals 2022 Senior Division Champions - Hamilton Boys' High School

This welcome letter is for the onsite Team Nationals. There is a separate welcome letter for the online Team Nationals, and the onsite and online Champions Trophy events, linked below.

To all our parents, teachers and organisers, thank you for supporting our tamariki and giving them the opportunity to enjoy a truly memorable and unique experience. As always, we really appreciate your continued support. 

We have a total of 717 players registered for our National program of events. This represents a 20% increase in numbers over last year. For the onsite teams nationals we have 321 players registered. We are excited to meet all of you again and will do our best to ensure your experience is a positive one.

View a map of the schools participating in the onsite Team Nationals 2023.

I wanted to give you some pointers about the day to help ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible for you.

The date of the event is this Saturday 21 October 2023.

The event itself and prize-giving is being held at:

Alfriston College
550 Porchester Road,
Randwick Park,

Use this Google Map link for directions.

Note that all divisions for the onsite Champions Trophy on the following day, Sunday, will also be held at Alfriston College in the same space. A separate welcome letter will be sent to all registered players for the Champions Trophy and a link to this letter is at the beginning of this page.



We recommend all players bring a drink bottle. If you want to record your games (optional) you should also bring a pen and a score book. Score books will also be available for purchase at the venue.
The venue is just 16 minutes drive from the Auckland Airport.
Auckland Airport to Alfriston College directions

If you are doing a road trip...

Use this map if you are travelling from the North to Alfriston College
Or use this map if you are travelling from the South to Alfriston College

Note that this Labour weekend is extremely busy so expect delays on the road and allow for extra time for travel. 

Entry to the venue is off Porchester Road. There is parking in the school carpark. For this event, you can park in both visitor and staff carparks. 
Additional parking is available on Porchester Road itself. 
View our Team Nationals facilities map for access, parking and venue areas.

The opening welcome and tournament announcements will be held in the school gymnasium. All teams should check-in at the gymnasium. On completion of the opening announcements, all players participating in the senior division will move to the theatre. 

Once all rounds are finished, senior players can move back to the gymnasium for the prize giving ceremony. 

Refer to the Team Nationals facilities map for an overview of the school, surrounding streets and layout of the school buildings.

The event runs from 9am to 5:30pm. Check-in will be available from 8am. We recommend you aim to arrive at the venue by 8:15am to enjoy a stress-free arrival.
On arrival players should check-in making sure all their details are correct. There is one goodie bag per team. The team representative should pick up their team goodie bag. Name badges are in the goodie bag.
If you are going to be late, please text us on 021 0271 5577 with the school name, player names that will be late and expected time of arrival. We will give a half point bye for players that miss round 1 as long as you text ahead of time. Byes will not be available for later rounds.
Each player will play 9 rounds of chess. The time control is 15 minutes per player. There is no bonus time.
8.00am Guests arrival start
9.00am All guests should have arrived
9.30am Opening Announcements
10.00am Start Round 1
10.35am Start Round 2
11.20am Start Round 3
11.55am Start Round 4
12.30pm Start Round 5
1.30pm Start Round 6
2.05pm Start Round 7
2.50pm Start Round 8
3.25pm Start Round 9
4.00pm Fun Activity!
4.30pm Prize Giving
5.30pm Tournament Close and Farewell

It is important all participants and supporters are safe. You should be familiar with the health and safety policies and procedures to keep everybody safe and in case of an emergency such as a fire or lockdown situation.
We have put together a summary of what to expect at Teams Nationals and the rules that will govern the event. We encourage you to go through this with your players.
Results of games for all divisions will be recorded live and are available on the website https://tornelo.com/chess/orgs/nzjunior/events/chess-power-onsite-team-nationals-all-divisions--4. You can also use this link to see the other teams that will be participating in your division and the players that make up each team as well as individual and team results.
As this is a school teams event school uniforms are required. We recommend you come well dressed as this shows your team is well organised and you will look great in the team photos too!
Ray, the Coffee Guy will be onsite from 7:30 - 10:30am. Cookies will also be available. View the Coffee Guy menu.

Dave, from the Taco Medic will also be onsite from 10:30 - 3:00pm for a great lunch option.  View the Taco Medic brochure. You can ensure you can access what you need by pre-ordering.

Pre-order Taco Medic Now

Other alternative food outlets close by include McDonald's, KFC, Daaku Kebab, Pho Vietnamese, Alfriston Fish and Chips, Cafe Koko and Noodle Canteen all within a five minute drive.

Refreshments (tea and coffee) will also be available for all adults throughout the day. 



The winning team in each division will be crowned the Chess Power Team National Champions for their division and be given a trophy the team can display at their school.
Junior Master Titles
The top individual player in each division will receive the Junior Master title, a framed certificate and enter the Chess Power Hall of Fame.

FREE Entry to the Champions Trophy

The top 10 individuals in each divison will gain free entry to their choice of the onsite Champions Trophy or the online Champions Trophy on the following day. An email confirming attendance including which event you wish to attend must be sent to events@chesspower.co.nz before 8pm on Saturday evening

Note Players who have already paid for the Champions Trophy are not eligible for refunds.

Medals will also be presented to the top 3 individual players, the top girl, and the players in the top 3 teams in each division.
Each player will receive a certificate based on the teams' final placing as follows:

1st - 2nd: Distinction
3rd - 6th: Excellence
7th - 12th: Credit
13th - 22nd: Merit

1st: Distinction
2nd - 4th: Excellence
5th - 9th: Credit
10th - 17th: Merit

1st - 2nd: Distinction
3rd - 5th: Excellence
6th - 10th: Credit
11th - 18th: Merit

Special AwardsThe Chess Power badge system will also be running throughout the event so you can earn and collect badges.In addition, prizes will be awarded for the biggest upsets and the biggest rating gainers. Brain challenges will also be available and some challenges can earn badges and rewards.
Supporter of the YearEach year we recognise a special individual that has supported chess in their school and community. The winner of the supporter of the year will be announced at this event. 

Additional Activities
Arian from Little Smiles Face Painting we be onsite - get into the Nationals spirit with an awesome face design! You will have to get in early to not miss out.

A good selection of chess products will be available for purchase at a 10% discount until midnight 22 October including chess setsclocks, and cool stuff! Just order online at ChessCity.nz, enter the code "NATIONALS2023" and we will courier your products to you. You can pay via Credit Card or bank transfer.
I personally wish you and your team the very best of success in the Chess Power Teams National Finals. I am confident your team will thoroughly enjoy the day and have a memorable and rewarding life experience.

Yours in Chess,

Paul Macdonald - Signature

Paul Macdonald
Chess Power

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