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  • World Championship closing ceremony in Moscow
    On Thursday, a day after the after the end of the playoffs, the closing ceremony of the World Chess Championship was held – with champions, dignitaries, sponsors, laurel wreaths and trophies. We have videos and pictures of the the festivities. Also statics of the Championship as a media event, which was so successful that the Russian Chess Federation is considering a repeat.
    Posted: Friday 1 June 2012
  • Knight sorties
    With the preceding exchange 20.Bxf6 Bxf6 (diagram) White had cleared a central square for the knight sortie 21.Nd5 in order to uproot the black bishop d3 with tempo.
    What does this operation entail in the end?
    A) positional advantage for White
    B) equality
    C) material gains for Black
    Posted: Friday 1 June 2012
  • Kavalek in Huffington: US Chess Champ Hikaru Nakamura (Part 2)
    Two best U.S. grandmasters, the defending champion Gata Kamsky and the top-rated American Hikaru Nakamura, went neck-to-neck in the 11-round robin, leaving others far behind them. Hikaru was a half point behind Kamsky with two rounds to go. They met in the penultimate round and Nakamura scored the most needed victory – with black. GM Lubomir Kavalek annotates the key games.
    Posted: Friday 25 May 2012
  • WCh 103 years ago
    The first player is planning 28.Bd3 with the idea 29.exf5 in order to upgrade his light-squared bishop and give his rooks more space again. A move of which black piece counters this manoeuvre?
    A) knight e6
    B) rook f8
    C) pawn g6
    Posted: Thursday 24 May 2012
  • Asian Team Championship – China dominates
    The 2012 Asian Team Championship is underway from May 19 to May 26 in Zaozhuang, Shandong, China. The event brings together many of Asia's top players including Wang Hao (2730), Krishnan Saskiran (2720), Le Quang Liem (2703), and more. In the men's event, China has dominated with a stellar Wang Hao while they won the women's event in a clean sweep.
    Posted: Thursday 24 May 2012
  • World Championship G10 – An offbeat Sicilian is flavor of the day
    With two whites to go, Anand chose 1.e4 as one means to try and keep his opponent off-balance. Gelfand was ready with his Sicilian, and even Vishy's 3.Bb5, and fairly offbeat 5.b3, were replied to nearly instantly. The queens came off by move eleven after which the position remained equal until their handshake at move 25. Illustrated report with GM analysis and videos.
    Posted: Thursday 24 May 2012
  • Chesska defends World Champion title in Robot Chess
    Picture this: two massive industrial robots playing five-minute blitz in a Moscow park, for a world championship title no less. To warm things up Alexander Grischuk risked his life playing a six-game match against the challenger, a robot named KUKA from Germany. He remained uninjured – except for his ego, after a 1.5:4.5 loss. Do not miss the HD video at the end of our report.
    Posted: Wednesday 23 May 2012
  • World Championship G9 – Anand saves a tough game to a draw
    After an almost embarrassing defeat in round eight, Gelfand regrouped and won a moral victory in round nine. Anand went for the Nimzo-Indian, and Gelfand once more showed an edge with white. Despite clearly having the better chances, he was unable to maneuver to a win, and drew after making Anand suffer until move 49. Full report with pictures, video and GM commentary.
    Posted: Wednesday 23 May 2012
  • Video commentary and impressions from Moscow
    Believe it or not we have more on the World Championship. First our most prolific trainer and commentator GM Daniel King asks whether the 17-move win by Anand in game eight was the shortest in World Championship history (spoiler: it was!). He looks at the second shortest game – from 1886! Then GM Robert Fontaine takes us on a fascinating video tour of the chess-riddled Russian capital
    Posted: Wednesday 23 May 2012
  • Chess Match: Blondes vs Brunettes in Moscow
    Eric van Reem is a German Lufthansa employee and chess organiser. He is also a member of Team Anand and the hero of the last World Championship in Sofia, when he arranged a 40-hour transportation for Vishy when an Icelandic volcano paralysed most of Europe. Eric is maintaining a blog on the World Championship, and has thankfully reported pictorially on an important side event.
    Posted: Wednesday 23 May 2012
  • Kavalek in Huffington: US Chess Champ Hikaru Nakamura (Part 1)
    They fought gallantly and when it was over on Saturday afternoon, the horse, I'll Have Another, and the chessplayer, Hikaru Nakamura, 24, were declared winners almost at the same time. Nakamura wanted the title badly. He was rated number seven in the world and it was a matter of prestige for him. GM Lubomir Kavalek annotates some of the key games.
    Posted: Tuesday 22 May 2012
  • World Championship G8 – Anand strikes back, wins in 17 moves!
    What a game, what a fascinating turn of events! World Champion Vishy Anand shockingly lost the seventh game and let Challenger Boris Gelfand take the lead. Today he struck back with a resounding 17-move win that took commentators Peter Leko and Ian Nepomniachtchi and more importantly Gelfand completely by surprise. Express report with tons of GM commentary and videos.
    Posted: Monday 21 May 2012
  • World Championship Game seven – pictures and video
    At last another game with action and excitement – and a 1-0 decision! Many spectators kept their cool, but some didn't. We brought you full analysis by different GMs and IMs in our previous report, and now we add to that with a video report by Europe Echecs and some wonderful pictures provided by the event photographers Anastasiya Karlovich and Alexey Lushenkov.
    Posted: Monday 21 May 2012
  • Nakamura and Krush win US Championship
    It was a dramatic finish to one of the most exciting US Championships in years. Nakamura was the slight favorite, but with two rounds to go, Kamsky had taken the sole lead. Then in round ten, Hikaru pulled out the big guns and beat Kamsky, followed by a win over Seirawan in the final round. Krush beat Zatonskih in a playoff for the Women's title.
    Posted: Monday 21 May 2012
  • World Championship G7 – Gelfand draws first blood and leads
    It's the decisive result for which everyone has been clamoring, but it wasn't the big win Anand's fans were hoping for. As noted by Kasparov, the buzzword so far has been "safety", and here it was taken too far, as the passive play by the world champion allowed Gelfand to penetrate with decisive effect for the match's first win. Extensive analysis by GM Gilberto Milos and IM Malcolm Pein.
    Posted: Sunday 20 May 2012
  • Kavalek in Huffington: Women in chess – a few tales (Part 2)
    After WWII Russian ladies had the World Championship title, but in 1962 they were replaced by two Georgian players who dominated women's chess – for nearly thirty years. Then the Chinese took over, their dynasty only briefly interrupted by champions from Hungary, Bulgaria and Russia. In part two of his Huffington Post column GM Lubomir Kavalek retraces history with some exciting games.
    Posted: Sunday 20 May 2012
  • World Championship G5 – Sveshnikov drawn in 27 moves
    In the fifth game Anand and Gelfand played 17 moves of theory, after which White deviated from the previous 2009 game and seemed to get a small advantage. However Anand allowed his Israeli challenger to trade down and after ten more moves there was nothing left to play for. Full report with pictures and videos, as well as double analysis by GM Romain Edouard and IM Malcolm Pein.
    Posted: Thursday 17 May 2012
  • Sigeman: Caruana wins Sigeman with 2852 performance
    He is the hottest chess talent – still a junior but number eight in the world. Italian/American GM Fabiano Caruana won his last two games in the Hipp Theater in Malmo, Sweden. His 2852 performance should contribute seven points to his FIDE rating. Hungarian GM Peter Leko celebrated his "comeback" with the second place and a respectable 2792 performance.
    Posted: Wednesday 16 May 2012
  • World Championship: Interviews, reflections, chess sets
    Is the Championship in Moscow, without a Russian player, an audience success? Can chess ever be that? Yes it can, says chief organiser Ilya Levitov, who has a 21st Century formula to bring chess to a wide audience – and make events pay for themselves. Compelling. We also get a tour of chess sets and pictures in the Tretyakov Museum
    Posted: Wednesday 16 May 2012
  • US Championship – Kamsky joins Nakamura in lead
    One thing must be said about the US championship, on top of the great organization and live coverage open to all, and that is that it is anything but boring. In round five, Nakamura had taken the sole lead, but Kamsky was not about to give up his title that easily, and in round seven caught up as the two lead by a full point. GM Ramirez beat Kaidanov in one of the craziest games of his career.
    Posted: Wednesday 16 May 2012
  • Sigeman: Caruana leads, Grandelius in second place
    Fabiano Caruana is number eight in the world. With two wins and a draw, and a 2940 performance, he has taken the lead in the 20-year jubilee of the Sigeman Chess Tournament. In second place is Sweden's most interviewed chess player, dredlocked Nils Grandelius, who is known for Grandelius innovative playing style. The dredlocked GM is totally fearless, as his games in Malmö show.
    Posted: Sunday 13 May 2012

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